Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa with lyrics & Download MP3

Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa with lyrics & Download MP3

Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa-ninte sannidhe varunnu
Ente paapa’bhaaravumaay – vallabhaa eku rakshaye

1) Unnathi vedinjavane – mannil thaanuvannavane
Enikkaayi’ttallayo kroosingkal jeevane thannthu

2) Shaparogametavane- paapamaayi theernnavane
Enikkaayi’ttallayo kroosingkal paadukaletathu

4) Ente rogam nee vahichu – ente shapam neekki mutum
Ninakkaayi’ttennennum njanini jeevikkum nischayam

5 Sweekarikka enne innu alma-dehidehatheyum
Tharunnu nin kaikalil theerkka enne ninte hitham pol

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  1. It is nice to hear the voice of Pastor. Tinu George. I live in Dallas, Texas. In 2013 I was going through a heavy migrane for 8 months. Pastor visted Dallas, October of the same year at Agape Church, Synnyvale TX. As he announced I went to the front and pastor laid his hands on my head. I was instantly healed and it is 2018 now. I never had that headache since. Let the name of the Lord be glorified and use this servant of God mightly.

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