Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving, present your request to God. – Philippians 4:5

Life is difficult at times and we all need prayer. Malayalam Christian Networks’ “Prayer Time” program will provide a platform to share your burden with our listeners. Amazing things can happen when prayer warriors around the world pray for your request. All your prayer requests will be read on the radio so that our listeners can pray for your prayer requests. We know some do not like to be announced on the radio, we keep those requests in confidential (If it is confidential please mention it).

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Prayer for my family. Jacob

Lots of pressure in fund issues created by partners, Am also having treatment in arthritis, My father also fed up in my situation, I don't HV any hope in tomorrow, The problem maker don't HV any responsibility to, solve this Ornaments and many more things are on peldge. Manu Philip, Kollam, Kerala

I am Alphin Johnson from Doha-Qatar. I am a student studying in class X in Qatar. My CBSE board exam 2024 is on february 14 or 15 onwards. My wish and my dream is to get more than 94% in my board exam.Please kindly pray for me and for my family. Thank You.. Alphin Johnson, Doha, Qatar

Ente pappakk vendi prarthikkanm .. pappakk blood cancer aan daivam madakki tharuvan vendi prarthikkane. Jerin Raj, Tvm, Kerala

Prayer for good career. Sheeba

Praise the lord, Kindly pray for me , Nayana T Vijayan and my other friends who all are preparing for NEET 2024 (which is on MAY 5 2024) to clear with a safe score this year as they all have dropped more than one year for it's preparation. And also to heal us and our family from all the traumas and sadness in Jesus name . Also pray for the salvation of Yedukrishna K Nair and his whole family. Pray for the needs of Nishal Vinod. And Nancy Paul is suffering from depression, kindly pray for her. Amen Nikitha Vinod, Kerala

I'm in a painful situation. Sometimes I feel like I can't handle the problems Infront of me. It's very hard for me to face everything. Please remember me and my family in Ur valuable prayers. God bless you all. GL, United Kingdom

I request prayer for our son Asish and family as he has lost his job in the gulf for the past many months.please pray that he gets ajob in the same field itself.pray that the Lord is merciful to us and bless him with a job. Elsy Raju, Adoor

Praise the Lord, Pray for the salvation of Yedukrishna K Nair and his whole family. As if now they are not believing in Christ as God but I hope with all ur prayers they will soon accept the truth and get baptized. Because I like this guy for almost 8 years of my life and the pain of not being with him is hurting . I want all of you to pray for us and our future together if it's God's will. If not then for me to remove the hurt from my heart. Amen Sister in Christ

Praise the Lord, Kindly pray for my family's health in all areas of life. Protect and guide us in holy spirit. Amen Nikitha Vinod, Kattapana

Please pray for my job secure as there is problem related to some incident and they arrange meeting . I didn’t slept last night .Please pray for me and my colleagues so meeting go well and it will not affect us Riya

Please pray for my job secure as there is problem related to some incident and they arrange meeting . I didn’t slept last night .Please pray for me and my colleagues so meeting go well and it will not affect us. Riya, UK

Kindly pray for me and my husband. We have been living separately from May onwards, due to some misunderstanding injected by his sister to him regarding my family. We were staying here with my family as his family is at village, he was very caring and loving towards my family especially my parents but all of sudden when he went for his mother's treatment at Kerala his sister started brainwashing him and forced him saying that we should have a baby. We have also planned about baby but due to my treatment going on it was not possible to conceive suddenly, she took advantage of these and separated us. She says she is a believer but does all unwanted things Kindly pray for my husband that he understands everything and we get back to each other as soon as possible. Kindly pray for my marriage Your Sister in Christ

Hi i am from ooty nilgiris. I am 4 months pregnant. My elder daughter is with my mother in law, I live with my mom. My mother in law should take care of my daughter well. She's 5 years old. Her name aarushi. Please bless my daughter with good health & studies. Siniya Sini, Tamil Nadu

Plz pray for my son Felix . He is 17 month old and we have noticed he has stopped listening and responding to his name . He zone out quiet often and has poor eye contact , we have consultedchild developed experts and thet have said he still has some more time to be on track and have all issues sorted . Anisha Koshy, Surrey, UK

Pray for my husband Jomon. He didn't have any permanent job. He was a teacher. Pray for my family. I have a son recently migrated to UK. Pray for him. Mereena John, Chester, UK

Please pray for me to get a job or go for studies abroad . Whatever God wishes Sherin, Kozhikode

Moludey allergy poornamaayi maranam.. Eppozhum asukathal barapedunnu., husband purath pokan agrahikkunnu prarthikkanam. Kadabaram maaran prarthikkanam Bilsa, Bethery, Kerala

Please Pray for me and my family members for the good health and well being. Dr Alex Paul, Thiruvalla

Im having 10th boards this February. Im really struggling to memorize all the topics pls pray for me. Emima Mary. Pathanamthita

I am a nursing student .studying in Telangana.first year onwards I am suffering with back pain ,I thought that I can't write my final examination and I decided to discontinue ,but I trust in my God and I studied confidently ,I got first class in my first year .My doctor suggest me to use belt for supporting my disc ,because I am having disc problem .in second year I got first class ,but third again I am suffering with back pain still it is not reduced .every one please pray for me ...and my family suffering a lot to pay my fee ...please pray for that also . Thank you Shalini, Telangana

Pray for my family. Nikitha Vinod, Kattapana

Praise the Lord, Pray for the salvation of Yedukrishna k nair and his family . And if for our marriage if it's God's will. Amen

Pray for my husband to get a good job related to his IT field in this foreign land. To help him to sort out his career. It has been 5 years and he has not got an opening. For a miracle in his life and to bring him more close to Christ. Jincy, Ireland

Prayer for my family members. Dr. Alex Paul, Thiruvalla

I would like pass my CBT AND OSCE please pray for me. Roshni Antony, United Kingdom

Dear in christ Please pray for my future life. My parents are becoming a nuisance for me. They irritate the hell out of me. I dont understand sometimes what is their problem. They talk randomly and worry about so many my food habit....going shopping etc.... They simply create problems for if i go shopping or if i go for a walk outside.....they make a hue nd cry....i really dont understand whats their problem.... Please pray for me.....and ask christ to deal with their anxiety prob..... Thnkg u in advance..... Pls keep this confidential... Dain, Kollam

3 months am in home still am searching works am waiting 4 god help pls prayer 4me. Jessy, Kuwait

I've some worldly addictions in my life. Pray for me....I am trying to stop this. Also my family and me going through a difficult financial situation.. Ebin Joseph, Kannur

Please pray for my daughter for a life partner. Shija, Pune

I have been trying to go abroad.Please pray for me and my family. Sister in Christ, Thrissur

21st of Nov ima appearing for an exam. Lord have mercy on me and help me write the exam properly and for passing the exam. Gikku Varghese, Thiruvalla, Kerala

I have been preparing for my Physical Therapy Boards exams for a year and I didn’t pass my exam. I’m planning to leave the profession. I’m not sure whether I should reappear for the exam or not. Karen Thomas, Bensalem, PA

Praise the lord, enik orale ente 13 vayasu thotu ishttam ayirunu njngal 15 vayasayapol ishttathil ayi parasparam .njn alla onum initiate chydad avn ahnu adhym ishttanoke prnjad njn orupad thavana vendaa enoke prnj noki last avnte veshamam karanm ariyathe njn thirich ishttanu prnj oru varsham ishttathil ayirunu pinedu ( avn hindu nair ahnu njn pentecost) avn vtl prnjapo caste karanam avnte veetukar samadikilanu prnj angane avn ene vendanu prnj poi pakshe enik ipo 20 vaysai enik poornamai marakan sadhikunilaaa enik vendi prathikanam karthavinte hitham allenkil vedhana ilathe ente jeevithathil ninu idine enik akatti nalkanam. hithamanenkil ellam nanai varuvanum. amen Sister in Christ, Kerala

Hi Please pray for my family life. Anju, East Meadow, NY

Arivu sambaadhikaanulla manasum budhiparamaayi kaaryangal cheyyuvaanum nalla pole padikuvaanum ellarum enik vendi praarthikane. Merin, Tvm, Kerala

Dear Heavenly Father, help us to give You the highest honour of trusting You wholeheartedly regardless of the situations we are going through. Help us to understand that our life challenges and struggles are the means to know You more personally. You will make everything beautiful in Your time. Fill us with your divine peace. Help us to preserve ourselves in our daily lives so as to flow Your grace and mercy upon our life. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen Saritha, Singapore

My son and daughter-in-law are planning to apply for Australian PR visa. They start first step for that. Kindly remember them in your daily prayer so that concerned Authorities may kindly consider their efforts to fullfill their dreams. KO Alex, Thiruvalla

Please, pray for my children's need for peace and a blessed spiritual life. My elder daughter wants to complete her nursing studies. Still, she did not get a chance to pass the exam. This is her last chance. Now the time she wants to complete another task within 20 days but it's not yet finished. She doesn't know what to do. She needs the holy spirit's help. please, pray for her studies because she has to complete her nursing studies. Thank you all. Sosamma KP

Praise be to God. Please pray for my dad who is unable to walk due to a stroke and he has given up on life. Also prayer that my brother's know you. Roshni, Bengaluru

PRAISE THE LORD, I am a NEET aspirant. I have been preparing for it for my last 2 years ,now this is my 3rd year of preparation. My exam is going to take place at may 5 2023 (Sunday from 1.30pm to 5.30 pm). I need all your prayers for my exam since i couldn't get good marks enough for a government MBBS seat from my last attempts. This year i wish to get good marks enough to get a good seat at one of the premium institute of India which will be suitable to get the exposure i need in my career as a doctor. I am not preparing well . I got pending's that i wish to complete before my syllabus completion from my campus. I need holy spirit to guide me and provide me with the knowledge i require. I am procastinating a lot. I need to work harder for my goal but i get distracted and tired easily. Also i am not walking through Christ. Remember me in ur prayers. amen Nikitha Vindoh, Kattapana

Prayer to get desired job. Jiji, Mumbai

I am applying for medical school and I want to become a good doctor. I want to get a good percentage in my 12th and entrance exams. Please pray for me as I submit all my plans in God's hands. Aarshia Rachel, Sharjha, UAE

Iam Renosh koshy mathew. From kottarakara. Iam working in Saudi Arabia. Please pray for my job. Renosh Koshy Mathew, Saudi Arabia

Iam Renosh koshy mathew. From kottarakara. Iam working in Saudi Arabia. Please pray for my job. Renosh Koshy Mathew, Kottarakara

Please pray for my family..after marriage 2 families were separated. Still I'm struggling to get together them. Getting lot of misunderstanding between me and wife. Please pray for my promotion, this is my 2nd chance...I need to perform well. Atleast i need this happiness. Layos, Doha

Njan oru nurse aanu. Ante husband Abu dhabi il aanu job cheyune. E 9th November inu ante HAAD -RN exam aanu . please aniku vendi pray cheyuva . Njan e exam 2nd time aanu attend cheyune . Please pray anik e pravishyam e exam jayikan. Athupole anik 2.5 years old oru baby boy und Avane orthu special pray cheyuka Avan daivapayithalayi vallarivan nd also avane vallarthuvan adiyangalkum daivam kripanallakan. Shini Kurian, New Delhi

Please pray for me to pass my 11th and 12 th with good marks. Amen Ivy, Thiruvalla

I am struggling with my PACES exam and praying to God that I pass the attempt I have given in Jesus’ name… May God’s justice, mercy and peace be upon me. May I have my Lord Jesus in my heart always and do what he wants me to do. In Jesus’ name …. Amen Juno Sunny, United Kingdom

Please pray for my A-Levels. I need a distinction and 2 Bs to go to university for Radiography. Please pray. Abel, Boston

Please help urgent your power prayer supports . Five (5) lakhs rupees debts . Canara bank loan & other loans due date . Please help prayer supports . Thank you Kumaravel prasadh. Kanyakumari

My mother is suffering from severe back pain due to disc related problem. She is unable to sit,stand or walk even for a few minutes.Doctors have advised surgery but,she already underwent 2 surgeries this year.Moreover she is still struggling with the emotional trauma caused by my fathers demise.My brother is also having health issues due to migraine and related problems.Also we have huge financial debts.Requesting each and everyone to please pray for my mother and brother. Praise the Lord. Blessy Ajit, UK

I am not able to crack any interviews. I am not having a job since 2 years now, i need all prayer warriors to please pray for me. Sherie

Please pray for my family.especially for my husband for his all kinds of bad habits.actually he is a good person by nature.but nowadays we didn't get peace of mind because of his bad habits.only god can do anything i believe.please it's a urgent prayer request. Philomina, Nellyady, Karnataka

My husband is in sales and is always travelling. I always feel insecure when he travels. I pray every day that he switches to a job which doesn't require travel.please pray for his safe travels and please pray that he moves to a job which doesn't require travel. Thanks. A Sister in Christ

Looking for a job, as no new projects available in my company. Praying for new projects for my company to be recruited or new job. Praying to bring my family to qatar and live together. Justin, Qatar

Oet exam may 13 clear cheyan prarthikkanam. Merin, Munnar, Idduki