Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving, present your request to God. – Philippians 4:5

Life is difficult at times and we all need prayer. Malayalam Christian Networks’ “Prayer Time” program will provide a platform to share your burden with our listeners. Amazing things can happen when prayer warriors around the world pray for your request. All your prayer requests will be read on the radio so that our listeners can pray for your prayer requests. We know some do not like to be announced on the radio, we keep those requests in confidential (If it is confidential please mention it).

All prayer requests will be broadcasted through our online radio and also we are available on Amazon Alexa (Just say “Alexa, Play Malayalam Christian Network), and following is the countrywide time to listen to “Prayer Time”.  All prayer requests will be recorded after 24 hours you submit. 

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Please be with my cousin who is writing her exam today, father. Help her remember everything and make her write everything . Shower her with your blessings, father. Nayana, Tvm, Kerala

Prayer request for baby. Sobi, Dubai

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ... Brother, We have accepted Christ for past 10 years. For past few years our business was struggling and we continued to pray. Hallelujah.... Our prayers were answered and Lord blessed us with good Clients and we were doing good. Today one of the most important client is cutting down his business. We do not know where and when our next client may come from. Please pray for us and our business so that we may flourish and continue with our contribution to Christiandom. Mukesh, Bangalore

Karthave kathukollaname kaividaruthe Rekshikaname Amen . Arsha A.R, Trivandrum

Karthave kathukollaname kaividaruthe Njn kaalupidikam Upekshikalle Amen. Arsha AR, Tvm, Kerala

Pray for My Father's health whose right side of body were paralyzed cz of stroke so we need all of yours prayers and kindly pray for financial breakthrough... Bless u all... Amen Sajitha Godson, Kottayam, Kerala

We need a prayer support for our pleasant family life and we need to get approved for a loan to clear our debts. Jincy, Taunton, UK

Ethrayum dayayulla karthave, Enne kathukollaname kaividaruthe 27u muthal exam thudangukayaanu, njn onnum padichittilla Ithavana ente oppam undayirikane Kaividaruthe Amen Arsha AR, Trivandrum, Kerala

Please pray for our aunty who is suffering from cancer.Surgery is on Friday. Achsah Gliah, Bradford, United Kingdom

School inspection starting next keep in prayers. Lenu, Sharjha

I am in 12 th standard my exams are coming , iam very much afraid l want to score good marks but l don't know please pray for me every subject is difficult , I am very weak in studies. Anu Varghesee, Ernakulam, Kerala

വളരെ അധികം നാളുകളായി ജോലി ഇല്ലാതെ ഭാരപെടുന്ന ടോണി തോമസിന് വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കണം എന്ന് അഭ്യർത്ഥിക്കുന്നു. Tony Thomas, India

My 5 year old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has very little words and has has my challenges. He is very aggressive and has no social and communication skills. Because of his problems we are even able to attend church service as he is very disruptive. Please pray for his healing. I believe that my Lord Jesus can heal him. Thank you Jinsy Joseph, Edmonton, Canada

Please keep my family in prayers that every soul in my family will accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Praise God. Mercy Poulouse, Navi Mumbai, Mahrashtra

I am studying in std 12 and have my board exams coming soon followed by my entrance exam for architecture. Please pray for me that I am able to study and focus and I do my exams well. Please pray for me so that I get a clear idea on how to go about with my career. Please pray for my grandma and grandpa, my dad and mum, my aunt and my brother for their personal intentions and bless my whole family in chennai and kerala with good health and happiness. Thank you Jesus for everything. God bless us all. Treasa, Chennai

Please pray for me . I had a baby on December 1 st and she left us on December 11 th . I am going through the depression . Please pray for me. Jojy Joseph, New York

Please pray for my nephew (Shine) who is in class 10th so that he may pass with good grade in all subject. Princy Thomas, New Delhi

Father admitted in hospital with heart failure and need proper treatment and recovery. Jayan, Thiruvalla, Kerala

Pay for financial blessing of our family. Health of my husband and our 3 kids. DMB, Chennai

Please pray that I may be able to survive without medicines and pray that I may be able to pass my job written exam to be held in february. Liji, India

Please pray for my health issue..and fir my job.. Amen Jobymon varghese, Kottayam, Kerala

Please pray for our church members. New members are coming but they are not staying strongly Please pray for them to grow in Christ. Have some job seekers pray for them to find job and all members fill with holy spirit in this year. Sheeba Sharjha, UAE

Karthaave kshemikaname Ithvare cheytha Ella paapangalkum kshema yajikunnu Verukaruthe , kaividaruthe Nte Oppam undakaname Enne rekshikaname. Arsha AR, Tvm, Kerala

Please pray for my exam to get license. Your Friend, USA

Job applied in USA pray for visa. Jeba Kiruba, Bangalore, Karntakata

I am preparing for NEET UG 2023 for two years. I didn't get enough marks during first time. pray for me to secure a mbbs seat this time. i am trying my maximum, the rest is with God. I require the prayer of saints,because ministry makes our prayer stronger. my dream college is CMC vellore. i need that college. for that i need sponsorship , but i dont have any member of that institution to sponser me. please pray for that. and also pray for me to get 650+ marks by gods grace. amen. Anjaly, Ranni, Kerala

I want relief from the acute pain on my head and neck. Help me to regain faith in your healing power. A Sister from Cochin, Kerala

Njan keralathil ninnu B.Tech and M.Tech complete cheytheyanu. Athinu shesham 3 varsham njn joli illathe veetil erunnu. Ipol njan US il ethiyit 4 masam aayiii. Njan oru jolikayii try cheyunnu. Ethrayum pettennu njn padichathil thanne nalla oru joli kittuvanum kadangal veetuvanum prarthikane. Neetha Sanal, Missouri City, TX

I'm studying for a professional job but our institution is not providing placements so the inconsistency of insecurities in career becomes a great fear to us.So my friend and me trying to get a job directly on airlines please pray to get a job and for secured career with god's grace. Stephy Stephen, Alapuzha, Kerala

Ente ella asughangalum maruvaan prardhikkamo ?. Arise Peter M, Kochi, Kerala

Please pray for me to get HCA job ,for my husband to get a job in Kerala. For me to conceive soon. My sister to pass in CMA group 2 exam. For my mother, father, sister, husband, me and in-law good health. God be with them in all their works and traveling. Pray for all of us.. Bincy, Bangalore

27inu thudangunna University examinu iniyulla divasam ellam nallapole padich orma nirthi nalla markode pass aakan anugrahikaname Distinction nedan sahayikaname Amen. Arsha, Trivandrum, Kerala

Please prayer for family. Molly, Perth, Australia

Kindly pray for me to restore the family life as the wife does not want to continue together. We have a son studying in 11th standard, currently staying with her. I totally surrendered to God and confessed all my sins committed even in the past. I somehow want to bring the family life together otherwise the future of our son will be in trouble. I saw a serpent covering on her head while praying in recent past. If it means, she possess serpent spirit, please pray to cast it out from her brain. Let she get the spirits of forgiveness, humility instead of strife, selfishness, pride, lies. Please pray for her so that the Holy Spirit will transform her mind and thus get surrendered to the will of God, the Father in the mighty name of Christ Jesus. Let all wicked demons trying to separate us get weakened; completely leave from our family life. If any obstacles Satan and his demons rising against us in heavenly places, let them get washed out by the precious blood of Christ Jesus. Let the angels of God cover us and let we get sealed with mark of the Holy Spirit. Mathews, Thivualla, Kerala

Delhiyil nurse ayi joli labhikkan vendi prathikkaname. Surekha, Thiruvalla, Kerala

Please pray for my Marriage. Sonu Parunthuveettil, Dubai , UAE

Job kittan വിവാഹം കയിക്കൻ. Soji Mathew, Chenganur, Kerala

Pray for mental stability and. Strength for now and for future. Freedom from bad habits and sins. Preparing for Neet pg(5 March 2023) and Inicet pg exams(31 April ) ..please pray for good preparation. Cyril Abraham Saji V, Sihora, Madhya Pradesh

Njngalk oru bhavanam thannu anugrahikan prarthana avishyapedunnu. Neethu Sanal, Missouri City, TX

Please pray for me to get a good Job and bless me with peaceful life. Binitha, Dubai, UAE

Requesting prayer for my daughter to be selected in the interview to be held on 18/01/2023 for PhD. Abu John, Palakkad, Kerala

Please pray for my exam ( 12-02-2023 ). Rachel, India

Family blessing. Minimol Michael, Ireland

My 2nd year MBBS exams are from 23/1/2023 to 3/2/2023. Please pray for me to pass in all the six papers. Deepika DM, Tvm, Kerala

Hi. Please pray for my healing. Thank you, Darko Irgolič, Solvania

Stop me from addiction and avoid doing wrong things. Bino Thomas, Bangalore

Ente balakinagal marate. Rajendran pillai, Marthandam, Tamil Nadu

Requesting prayer for a Good job. Merin, Dubai, UAE

Praise the Lord Family ye orth prarthikuva.. oru jolikayi prarthikkunnu.. Randu makkalunde.. veedinte Pani poorthikkarikkanam.. kadabharam Maran vendi.. thank you.. Blessy Pradeep, TVM, Kerala

ente daivame, ente makan (name: Aden Vinu) 2.5yrs aayi. ithuvare avan samsarikkan thudangiyittilla. ente yeshuve avante shirassil kaivechu avanu samsara sheshi nalki anugrahikkaname ennu apekshikkunnu. VINU THOMAS, Kochi, Kerala

എൻ്റെ മകൻ Emmanuel (13 ) ൻ്റെ രോഗസൗഖ്യത്തിനായി ദയവായി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കണമെ. Subhash Kumar, TVM, Kerala

Ente oet exam January 14 ...Enikku nalloru result nu vendi prarthikkane. Sangeetha Prasanth, Perumbavoor, Kerala

Kindly pray for my husband, he's down with fever, cough and chest pain. Pray for our 3month old son, our grand parents, parents, siblings and their families. Pray for God to bless us with good health, wisdom and wealth. Thank you. Tini, Bangalore, Karnataka

Please pray for getting work,God bless you all. Jal, India

Requesting prayers for a job here in sweden. Please remember me in your prayers. M Mathew, Sweden

Hello, I am out of job for the past 2 months asking for prayer to find a new job. Jinu, Calgary

My mummy went to hospital,she is everything okk thanks pray for friend sister Smera ,she had one accident in Calicut,she have head injury plz pray for her. Sheena, UAE

For my wife's exit vacation document processing from Kingdom of Saudi Ministry of Health. Justin Thamarasseril Jame, Cochin, Kerala

Please pray for my mother as doctors suspect cancer. Please i humbly request all your prayers for her total healing. She has to undergo Echo and Pet scan and doctors should find it all normal. Annie James, United Kingdom

Kindly pray for my parents' health and safety. Pray for me and my cousin for our medical university exams starting from January 24th and 27th . Help us remember everything we've studied and be with us throughout the period. Nayana, Tvm, Kerala

l pray for my grand son for doing better in his studies. Chak Yohanan, Virgnia, United States

Praise God. I have a prayer request for a change in my job. Aji, Muscat

Pray for my family financial problems and god should help to repay our debts. Sam, Tuticorn, Tamil Nadu

Please. pray for my daughter. .. she is studying in. 9 th. standard Please pray for my friend Sandhya for Good Job. Ponnu, Bangalore

Registration sucess akkanum exam ezhuthi nalla result kittanum. Jinsy, KSA

Pray for my family and relatives. Abeeya, Trivandrum

Pls pray for us so that our lives will be pleasing to Lord God. Raju Roshin, United Kingdom

Please pray for me and my cousin for our medical university exams starting from 24th and 27th of January. Lead us in your way and shower us with your blessings. Help us remember everything we've studied and be with us , 'Oh Lord. Nayana, TVM, Kerala

Pls pray for my family and pray for my brother's salvation and blessed family life.My 5days newborn baby girl admitted in the hospital due to excessive bilirubin level.pls pray for her. Ruby P Vargehse, RIyadh

Praise the Lord, I have baby with rare genetic conditions and disabilities,now she is 18 months God have helped her to overcome the difficulties till now but please pray her ,this situation has lead my Job at risk and my husbands not working , I have a son, studying here . Plz pray for my elder son for fear of Lord come to him. ,please pray for family to be fruitfully. Jeena, Ajman, UAE

Iam looking for a job. Please pray for me. Abeesh, TVM, Kerala

For clearing neet 2023 and securing a government mbbs seat 2. for a peaeful family atmosphere and for my parents difficulties. Nikitha Vinod, Pala, Kerala

Praise the Lord Please pray for my husband to get a new job . His old job is gone . His name is jojo Joseph. He working in kuwait as Restaurant Area Manager . He go to many interviews . But nobody is calling . Please pray for my Husband to get new good job Please. Emy Jojo, Ernakulam, Kerala

Please pray that I regain my health and strength after back to back surgeries and am able to take care of my baby and my family. BK, Toronto, Canada

Please pray for my brother, he is in the hospital with head injury following a fall , to get him a proper treatment treatment as soon as possible and to get well soon. Sally, UK

Pray for Mission work. Ajeesh Anthony, Ernakulam, India

Please pray for clearing my OET exam.I appeared 4 times oet exam, and every time Iam failing for 1 mark in speaking session.Therefore , I couldn't find nursing jobs.It's making me so disappointed. Manju, Manchester, UK

Pray for my exam on Nov 17. Rinu Elsa Varghese, Western Super Mare, United Kingdom

Please pray for my family problems and healing of my skin deseases &pray for my daughters studies. Elizabeth Solomon, Kuwait

I looking for a job. Please for me . Manju Varghese, Fords, NJ

Please pray for my Job as my company in closing soon . I'm a believer in Christ . i trust that the lord who had taken care of me till this time will take care of me in the future . thank you for praying for me .God bless Agnes, Boca Raton, Florida

My daughter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism today.i feel very bad because she is only 6 years.kindly consider her in your prayers Thank you Pushpa, Tr

Eniku tube il undaya oru kunjine nashtamayi. Athinu vendi Ulla surgery kazhinju erikuvanu. Ethrayum vegam thanne ee surgeryude budhimuttu maaranum ellam pazhaya pole aakuvanum oke daivame anugrahikane. Athupole ethrayum vegam ente visa papers ready aakan daivam kaniyane. 1 and a half years aayi apply cheythit. Ithuvare documents accept cheythit polum illa. Ethrayum vegam njnm husbandum onnichu jeevikan sadhikane. NEETHU CHERIYAN, CHENGANNUR, KERALA

People have taken money but not giving back please prayer also i have given surity but they r not paying pray for them Anil, Kazipet, Telangana

Am a staff nurse working in kuwait.. My hus and two small kids are in India... I want them with me here... So please pray for that... Thank u Jancy, Kuwait