Nee ente sankethavum with lyrics

Nee ente sangethavum with lyrics

Nee ente sangethavum, nee ente kottayum
Nee ente praana naathan nee en Dayvam


Aaradhikkum njan purna hryda’yamode
Thedum nin mukam jeeva kaalam ellam
Sevi’chidum njan en sarva’vumay adiyanitha
Adiya’nitha Deva adiya’nitha Deva
Adiya’nitha Deva, adiya’nitha


Nee ente raksha’kanum Nee ente vydhya’num
Nee ente aalamba’vum nee en Daivam

Nee ente pala’kanum nee ente aashwaa’savum
Nee ente maravi’davum nee en Daivam




  1. super

  2. Peace in relation to your spiritual path is certainly an amazing place, and additionally amazing start for just about any healing that one desires. When each of us gives our spiritual path/truth with someone else, this will make our trip all the sweeter.

  3. such lovely devotional song i really love this

  4. ‘Nee ente Sankethavum’ this song is very anointing and gives purifies soul. God Bless who sung this song.

  5. This song gives us very cool atmosphere damn sure.Trust.

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