Innu nei marichal snehitha with lyrics

Innu nei marichal snehitha with lyrics

Innu nei marichal snehitha
Engu nei poyidumo?
Nithyamaya narakathilo?
Swachamaya swargathilo?

Innu nei marichal snehitha
Enthu nei aayidumo?
Maanam ninne pinthudarumo?
Dhanamellam koode porumo?

Lokathil jeevichal snehitha
Paapiyayi jeevikkalle..
Paapam cheythal nasicheedume..
Nithyajeevan nashtamaakume…

Lokathil jeevichal snehitha
Lokathe snehikkalle
Lokam ninne chathicheedume..
Lokar ninne kai-vediyume..

Viswasa snaanathal snehitha
Paapangal maaridume
Yeshu meghe vanneedumbol
Ninneyum chertheedume..


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