Daiva krupayil njan asrayichu with lyrics & Download MP3

Daiva krupayil njan asrayichu with lyrics & Download MP3

Daiva krupayil njan asrayichu
Avan vazhikale njan arinju
Anugamichidum avanude chuvadukale
Daiva krupayil njan asrayichu

Iha lokamo tharukilloru
Sukhavum mana santhiyathu
Ente Yeshuvinte thiru sannidhiyil
Ennum anandham undenikku

Ethra nallavan mathiyayavan
Enne karuthunna karthanavan
Ente avashyangal ellam arinjidunna
eattam adutha sahayakan than

Ente ayussil dinamakeyum
Thante nama mahathwathinay
Oru kaithiri pol kathiyerinjorikkal
Thiru marvil maranjidum njan

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  1. Hi,
    I have a prayer request. My husband lost job since January 2015 due to the oil crisis. Please uphold him ( siddharth) in.jesys name to get a job.please imclude people around the world looking for jobs specially due to the oil crisis. Please remember all family struggling with debt, redundancy, health issues, major illness etc.
    Thanks you.

    1. Hi Chechi, hope ur family redeemed from ur sufferings by Jesus Christ… May Jesus be the redeemer for the rest of ur life….everything will be all right by him….the one and the same JESUS CHRIST……

  2. Believe in his mercy and his love, he will by your savior! May your needs be answered by his grace. God bless. Amen.

  3. Dear Sir, I have a prayer request.

    I have light bleeding between my periods accompanied by pain.in the lower left abdomen and lower back. There are chances of serious illness like cervical or ovarian cancer. My test for the disease is fixed for June 12. Please pray for me so that my test results turns up in favour. I am job hunting now. I have to pay the loan taken for my marriage and free my parents from the debt.

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