Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving, present your request to God. – Philippians 4:5

Life is difficult at times and we all need prayer. Malayalam Christian Networks “Prayer Time” program will provide a platoform to share your burden with our listeners. Amazing things can happen when prayer warriors around the world pray for your request. All your prayer request will be read on the radio so that our listener can pray for your prayer requests. We know some do not like to be announced on the radio, we keep those requests in confidential (If it is confidential please mention).

please pray for my husband because he is suffering from perinanal abscess.Please keep me in prayers. Jisha, Ernakulam, Kerala

I have been trapped by my ex-employer in Income Tax challenge.
I wish to be prayed for a miracle which will bring me out of the Income Tax issue. I wish to praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ I wish to study the Holy Bible and preach. Francis Sequeira Mumbai

I am Susan requesting a prayer for my son (Joshua) who is going to write the 10th grade CBSE examination. Please pray for him to write the exam well and to get a good result. Thanks. May God Bless you and your ministry. Susan, Sharjha, UAE

Thank you Lord I am Jaimon requesting a prayer for me to get the eligibility to write NCLEX RN exam in ontario. i was trying from last two years,my documents still they are reassessing,all my friends got eligibility,and they took date.i am the only one till waiting.olse pray to get my eligibility. Jaimon George Jacob, Ontario, Canada

Please pray for my brother and his family, for their salvation. Let them come to the savings knowledge of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.please pray for his daughters admission Thanks. May the Lord bless this wonderful ministry John, Qatar

I am studying MBBS.On august 21 2016 God take my father from us.after that i can’t concentrate in my studies.God strenghten me but don’t know what happened. Please pray for me and my family.please pray for my mother and my sister God save them for all the danger Christina Charles, Thiruvalla

Praise the Lord …
My name is Neenu, am working in UAE, and my family is in India , I lost my academic certificates ( from 10 th to MBA ) irrecoverably from my personal custody, am trying to apply for the duplicate certificates from University , which seems to be not an easy task.
Am completing my contract with my current employer in this February 2017 .Now am trying for new job, but nothing worked out so far .Kindly pray for me to get my certificates back, to get a new job in Dubai ,UAE before my Visa expires ,as i need to support my family finanacialy and morally.God Bless all of us to have a good future . Please remember me in prayers. Neenu Raju Francis, Dubai

I am from a non christian background. I have come to know lord for the past 2 and half yrs. But I am not able to get baptized as I fear on how my family would take it. This is disturbing me badly that sometimes. I have resigned my job, I am totally at a state of distress now , loosing strength. All that makes me hope is god. I request , could you pray for me to get the courage and wisdom to take my life forward and help people in my family , around me to know lord and be with lord. Lakshmi, Bangalore

Please pray for my dad .He is very sick and in hospital . Need your earnest prayers for his healing and blessings. Sis, Florida

I am now living with my husband in newzealand
God blessed me in many ways beyond my imagination.For the last 1.5 years am back of ielts exam and not getting 7 for each module and am going to guve my 5 th attempt on feb 18 please pray for me to overcome in this exam am feelingg very much worried about this exam. Please pray for me Jini, Kerala

I have health issues and so much worried about that. I want to be in close relationship with God. Piease pray. Bhavya K M, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Please for my +2 exams.and to have a good future Blesson David, Kerala

Hi All, Please pray for my daughter. She is suffering from mild ear pain. Doctors are asking her to undergo an operation to remove a gland . Its a mild operation, but we wish to avoid it. Please remember her in her prayers. Alin Devanand, Sydney

Dear Friends,… നിങ്ങളുടെ പ്രാർത്ഥനയിൽ ,എന്റെ അമ്മക്ക് (mary davis)വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കുമോ …. എന്റെ അമ്മ വെയ്യാണ്ട് ആസുപത്രി യിൽ ആണ് ,അമ്മയുടെ രോഗം വേഗം സൗഖ്യപ്പെടുവാൻ നിങ്ങൾ പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കുമോ Mary Davis, Thrissur, Kerala

hi i am student of class 12. on coming march we are having final exams. i am so desparate about exam. in plusone i have not get nyz marks. so those who read this prayer rqst. plz pray for my final exams to get nyz marks and i like to become a marine i kindkly rqst your pray for me to have a good future.hope you willl remmeber me in your prays. thank you Blesson David, Kerala

Please pray for my wife Biji who having chest pain and failed the stress test, going for another test this Wednesday. I am Johnson looking for a stable Job in the accounting field in Atlanta, Ga…Especially pray for spiritual guidance for coming year as to do God,s work Johnson, GA

I have a strong request for my son DAVID PRINCE, born on 13 July 2014, who has speech delay. He needs strong prayers for his growth and development. Please pray along with me for my sons healing, Doctors will not make a diagnosis until he is 3 yrs old but I know our Living God can heal him. Requesting fervent prayers from team for the same. Prince Mathew, Qatar

Kindly pray for my children to have great self discipline and self motivation to pray ,work hard and grow up in their Life in the Best way….Amen.Nancy, Coimbatore

Pray for Brother Reji Joseph who suffering with cancer since 3 years and very sick. Pray for a miracle in his life by Jesus. Reshma Thomas, Yukon, United States

please pray for my friend Christo who is having his semester final exams now and also please pray for the good health for me, my family and friends. Nimisha, USA

I have burning sensation in my stomach for the past two years. Showed different doctors and all I got was temporary cure. It is very uncomfortable and scary. Please pray that it is cured soon. Sujith Jose, New Delhi

Please pray for me to cure my illness,i am having some serious skin disease.I need all ur prayers for cure my disease.Pray for me to get a job also. Jincy, Abudhabi

I request you to please pray for my sister, her name is Brighty and residing in Bangalore. She married a hindu businessman and now they have two children. He is still hindu but the children are baptized christians. Her husband is now suspecting her of having relationship with other men. This is entirely false and she is now in great agony. He is torturing her both physically and mentally and not giving her money for home expenses and children school fees. He is also constantly telling her to go and die. Britghty my sister is very desperate and crying all the time. I request you to pray that the Holy Spirit interfere in their affairs and bring peace and love in her family. Philomina, Bangalore

Praise the Lord to the MCN’s Prayer Group. I am Ravi Daniel from chennai. I have two daughters first one @ 24 and second one @ 23. Kindly pray for their future. I am trying for a good alliance proposal from a spiritual family for my first daughter. Her Name is Sharon. Please pray that the Lord may show us the groom and guide us. thank you Ravichandran, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Please, pray for me and my family( pappa, mummy my younger brother, my cousin’s son). I am studying for MBBS third year in russia. My brother is studying for engineering, first year. please pray for our studies, my father’s ministry, my mummy’s health, and my little Allen’s health( 1 yr). GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Josna Mary Joy, Kollam, Kerala

Please pray for me and my studies. Please pray for one of my hindu friend to know the truth about God and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Jiji, Kerala

Please pray for my brother-in- law who is diagnosed with 4th stage of Lung and bone cancer. he is very young and have three little boys. we believe that only a divine intervention can heal him and no human found medicine can cure him. let Jesus touch and heal him. also remember my younger sister waiting for her visa to go to Ireland for a better job. that she may also get a suitable partner and get settled in life. that all of us may find strength and hope in the Lord alone. ,Roshin, Kottayam

My lord , i had been jobless for more than two years and nine months since engineering graduation.i tried many jobs , exams and just failed.i have a technical govt. exam on coming dec 9th ,7.30 – 9.15 am.i fear whether i fail in this exam too. i am too anxious and worried about the exam and life will be so miserable if i failed .my father will resign from driver job due to health family is at the verge of collapse.this exam is my last hope to get a job.exam is extremely tough such that applicants are of 20000.i can get this job only through god’s intervention, blessing and miracle.oh god please help me through your holy spirit and holy angels to guide me to right abilities are knowledge are incomplete without god.i am so weak and i am helpless.exam is of objective type with 100 questions.i need to get atleast net 70 marks to get appointment.out of four options i will arrive at 2 options which are matching .if i picked wrong one my life is lost forever.god grant me your wisdom to find the ultimate right answers.please god save me from this bad situation.i am trusting in your capabilities.please pray and rosary for me to achieve top position in exam and get appointed to this job.please remember my request in your daily mass. Fryjo, India

lease pray for me to find a right companion; Also, help me to move to a better job. Lord please be with me, and give your happiness and peace throughout my life Annie, Bangalore

Pray for my children to get job,two of them.Gods favour. Marimma Mathew, Cochin

Please pray for me, I am married with Shibin on 10.5.2012, but my divorce case in court on 22.11.2016 (final). Another marriage was fixed (sajeev police) pls for me and sajeev for a beautiful life. Nisha, Kerala

Please for my studies and spiritual growthShalom, Bangalore

Praise the lord , this is priya from Mumbai 30 yrs old separated ,leaving alone with my son ,went thru so many financial issues .depression, difficulties and incidents in past .still m everything taking care all things alone ,many times i give up and fed up with the life coz of some official and all worldly things around me feel so insecure about job and life ..i don’t have enough degree i feel so weak . i don’t see any other way that opened for me to get other opportunity .i don’t know what will happen in future as m unable to see good things in my life . i have son 9yrs old , please pray for him as he’s growing and getting education . may lord god give him wisdom and pour out his love upon us .and let his all good plan reveal , show the way to live a good life again . and pray for my sister as they have some financial issues in family also her both children’s as they are not well pray for entire family , lord god may heal they family and bless them with all needs . thank you so much i need ur prayers . Priya, Mumbai

Pray for my children to study well. Pray for Father to get well soon. Sajeev Philip, Pune, India

I need prayers to trust God and let go and let Him repair my life and guide me. I know God does things in his own time and I am patient. I need to heal, have His guidance, reconcile relationship and make amends, strength to fight addictions, employment search, calm mind and trust. I feel lonely and I crave affection for a while now, but I do not want to rush into anything unhealthy. Thank you, Amen Val A California

Please pray for me.I love a person. He is a nice guy. I am sure that my life is secure in his hands. We both wish that our marriage should be happens with the blessings of almighty and our beloved parents. We want to live happily with our parents. So, pray for us to solve all problems and accept our love by our beloved ones.FEMINA, Trivandrum

Please pray for my IELTS exam which will be on 17th and 19th of this month.I wrote 5 times,but still couldn’t succeed.So please pray for me to achieve individual 7 band score this time .Merlin George, Trivandrum


Hi i am going through really bad joint pains i am only 35 yrs old. i cant function properly. please pray for me. Susan, New York

Greetings to all the viewers and listeners in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Kindly remember me in your valuable prayers as I appear for my Md/Ms entrance exam. One verse that encourages me through the uncertainty is “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.-proverbs 21:31. I am thankful to God for bringing me to this platform.May God bless and empower everyone behind this initiative!
your friend in Christ Bincy, Kerala

Please pray for my son Jayden, diagnosed with mild autism. He is 3 years old. Having issues with speech, temper and occupation. I believe that God will release him from this shell. Please keep him in your prayers, we really need it. God Bless everyone! Seema, Houston, TX

Dear people of God, please pray for my aunty (Jessy) she is suffering with abdomen cancer and started Chemo. Kindly pray that she gets healed by the strips of Jesus Christ. as well as she and her family accept Christ as their personal savior. Joby Devasia, Muscat

Please pray for my offer letter to come fast. The job interview was on Oct 3 and they collected my documents on October 15 still waiting. Please do keep me in Prayers. Praise the Lord. Rosy Raju, Abudhabi

Please pray for my daughter Merina’s Marriage.We should find a good malayali boy from good family,with good education,god fearing and who matches to our family status.Since her dad is a tamiliian and i am a malayalie, we find it difficult.please pray for her marriage and for my husband to get good job. Pray for good job and good health for my husband and peace in the family..Nancy Bangalore,Karnataka

my uncle and aunty didnt have childrens for last 18 yrs
so kindly pray for them. Teena Thomas, Chengannur, Kerala

Please pray for me to get through Dubai driving test in my next attempt. Rejeena, Dubai

I am going to KMCH for an angiogram next week. I am very anxious and with fear about this test. Please pray for a miracle expecting the Saviour’s intervention in this and rule out the situation. Thanks for your prayers. It is God’s guidance to visit this site. A. Prabhu Kirubakaran, Tamilnadu

Father , i have an technical exam on coming dec 9th. exam is beyond my capability and knowledge. i am competing with more than 20000 applicants. please do pray for me to get selection for this job FRYJO K.F, Thrissur

I am Mathew KK from Riyadh. I am suffering from O/Arthritis. I have many other burdens and grieves to put on the cross of my Jesus. All of you are requested to pray for my healings and deliverance. Mathew Kalayil, Riyadh

Please pray for my spiritual growth and do Gods will. I am also looking for a break through in my career. Please pray that God help me in that.Safin Joseph, Kuwait

Please prayer for my brother Dr.Raju K John for his full recovery from spinal cord injury. George Kallarackal, TVM, Kerala

Please pray for me Suja Mathew, Kerala

Awaiting a much deserved job increment and promotion. Financial sector is struggling and so is the scope of marriage in future. Patrica Abraham, Mumbai

Please pray for me to cure all illness from my body which is bothering me my day to day life.and get a husband who strongly believes in Jesus.Please pray for me to get citizenship in USA..and cure all illness and problems. Nivea, Philadelphia

Please pray for my IELTS exam which I will be appearing on 11 and 13th of this month that is tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Irene, Kollam

My name is Toms please pray for me …life is full of problems..Toms, Bangalore

My son who is going to write a board exam in 5 months recently started getting the bad grades in school ever he got in academic time. I happened to realise that he is watching unnecessary things.He is completely into it which i assume due to his terrible arrogance when confronted in this regard and I don’t know what to do other than praying over him, Due to this I loose patience as I see him . His arrogance and deaf ear to instruction is blocking him from Lords plans in his life. I don’t see any intention in him to improve his ways and his stubborn response scare me thinking what he is up to. The situation is so painful that I can’t sleep and affecting me so badly. It is a mothers pain when their child go astray right infront of their eyes. Please, please pray over him to realise the situation and get back to his studies and a personal prayer time.I have answered prayers when I prayed along requesting through prayer time. Thank you and pray for your ministry. SRM, UK

Please pray for my business.. Pray for getting some good orders before end of this October.Tonight there will be meeting for the future development plan. Please for this meeting. Boban, Kuwait

I want to speak the word of GOD to my friends.Because my friends are all Latin catholics as I was before.Once I have tried to convey the truth but they were not at all ready to hear that.So please pray for them.Also pray for me to convey the word of GOD through my songs.Because I like singing christian songs.I am sure that throgh songs I can lead atleast a few people into right path. PRAISE BE TO THE LORD. Shilpa Joseph, Kerala

I work in dubai my husband in qatar.we have a 7 month old baby back in parents are looking after him.from last one and half yr we r trying to settle in any one of the place but nothing working…we miss out baby alot……Melvi Varghese, Dubai

My wife Merlin is a staff nurse currently working in Banglore.She has been trying to clear IELTS Exam.So far she wrote 5 times.still she couldn’t clear that.Last time she got good score in two sections,but two have 6.5 only.She took next date November 19,2016.Please pray for her to achieve this time individual 7 score and a better future.Libin.Abu Dhabi Libin Babu, Abu Dhabi

Jesus bless us with a good Job and success in life and to live our life according to your plans. Tony, Cochin

Please pray for a revival in India, please pray for the spiritual conditions of the so called believers in India, let our prayer request change, let our prayer request change from the worldly things to the spiritual .let our prayers be to see the glory / beauty of the our Beloved Lord , let our blind eyes open.. let our prayer request change from getting good jobs and good results to see the Lord / know the Lord.. O Lord please help us, we are in very dangerous situation SHONY, Bangalore

Dr. Rose Mathew for her MD (Ayurveda) Kerala State Entrance Exam will be on 1st October 2016 (Saturday), Exam timing Morning 10-12 and afternoon 2-4 PM There is lot to read understand and memories. For MD admission she needs grade marks within 1-10 ranks. Please pray for Rose Mathew Boban Koshy, Kuwait

My son appearing board exams please pray for him. our family facing many problems please pray for us. Now we are not having job. Please pray for us. Laths, Kerala

I am nithin solomon baby appearing for my ielts exam on 24/9/2016 please pray for me get good scores individually and overall iam having difficultly in reading and writing modules thanking you all. god bless you Nithin Solomon Baby, Kerala

I request each of you to pray that we stay together as one family and pray together.God bless our family with peace . Philomena Xavier, Abu Dhabi

For getting a good future. & Pray for my Parents…& for My brother to get a good result in his Final sem. Nithi, Kerala

Please pray for me iam suffering from artheritis please pray for my husband we want to have job together he is in india iam working in trying but not getting Sujamathew, Kerala

I am Irene James attending for board exam . Please pray for me as i am not that confident and first time writing an board exam. Irene James, Hyderabad

I am Sudharshan Iam doing Manpower consulting Business. One of my client in Bangalore is holding the payment for past 5 months. I have financial debts and unable to meet the financial needs on time like rent,School Fees and other payments. Sudharshan, Chennai

Prayer for Sam, that I receive personal prophecys,courage straight to me, The Lord perfects that which concerns me,comfort,A full time Job, protection, Fun, Miracles ,Friends,not deceived & my church the people receive miracles. Sam, OK, United States

My name is Bijoy and I am working in Oman. Now I looking for marriage. Please pray for getting God fearing pentecostal girl.Bijoy, Pathanamthitta

My sister’s daughter “Annie Sharon” is suffering from cancer. She is undergoing treatment in Narayana Hrudayalaya. Please pray for her early recovery so that our Lord’s name should be glorified. She is a good, God-fearing child of God. Please pray for her deliverance. Antony, Bangalore

My name is sudha am from hyderabad studying 2nd inter from sri gaythri college i am so weak at studies i cant concetrate on studies please prabout my studies and i have to get nice score in 2nd year public exams to get nice colleges for btech campus selections please pray about me. we are suffering from health problems whole family members one by one and innsufficent money problems so please pray about my family members now my grand fr was suffering from health problem sevre fever. Sudha Chowdary, Hyderabad

Please pray for my sister as she is becoming unconscious day by day while she is in college or in home or anywhere. Jerin Alex, Kerala

My name is Jiza. I’m new to Bangalore pursuing my MSc. Finding a lot of trouble adjusting here. I need help to get used to this place and routine. I found myself going into depression and that does not come from God. Please keep me in prayers.Jiza Thomas, Bangalore

Please pray for Sruthi to find a loving , caring husband Shruthi, NJ, USA

I gave AVSEC exam two times and now it’s last chance please. Pray for me to get concentration and get 95 + this time. I want to continue my career in aviation industry.Subin Mathew, Jaipur

please pray for my exam result..this is my last chance.i need to pass…remember me in prayers.and pray for my family..request to pray for my husband job. I wrote 3 times dha exam.but i failed two times.last chance i wrote on 2 days back and waiting for results.please pray for me ,,,,this is my last chance Toby, Kollam

Please for me to get a new job, Jijo Thomas Philip, Abu Dhabi

I am Evg. James Chacko. Staying in New Delhi with family. We have only one son. He is down syndrome by his birth. Now he is 15 years. He is speaking only word amma, appa and he does not do anything independent. So we want pray for our son because he speaking properly and doing independent yourself. We are worried about his future. No any sibling him. Dear prayer partners, please pray for our son, named Arpid James Parapparambil. God bless all prayer partners. Pr. James P C, Delhi

Please pray for me to get a good job.and today I am going to attend the final round of interview so please do pray for me to remove my fear and stress .Thank you. Athira, Bangalore

Please pray for my studies finding very difficulties in studies.
My name is Gitto George Thomas Studying in 12th standard. Gitto Geroge Thomas

Praise the Lord.My name is gladys johnson and i have passed my isc examination with 87% but due to financial problems i am not able to reach my aim(to become a Doctor).I wish to repeat entrance for one year.I request all of u to pray for me and my family.I also ask your prayer for my father who is a kidney patient,both his kidney is failed.My mom is a nurse and she is the only one who taught me and my elder brother.we are in a worry as there is problem in her job as gulf countries dnt want indians anymore.we believe that god has a key for every problem and we put our trust in him.I request your prayer for me and my family. Gladys Johnson, Pullad, Kerala

Please pray for our bussiness in doha Majo K George, Doha

Pls pray for my husband . he is having too much worries about everything.always negative thinking always doubtful about others specially to me. I am suffering a lot. and this is affecting my children a lot. pls do pray for my family.

Agnes, Kerala

I am doing my MBA (FINANCE), it is difficult to study.. please pray for my studies Siny, Mumbai, India

Please pray for my driving test in Qatar Siby Majo, Doha, Qatar

I am jJs Joseph working in Saudi .please pray for me to live with my husband together with a better job. and also asking help for settlement of my bank lone and also get a home. Jismol, Riyad, Saudi

I need prayer for getting a job. I am completed pgdm course.but i did not get job through campous placement.most of the friends are placed in different self and some of my friends did not placed in anywhere so please pray for us. Senju, Ernakulam

Please pray for my business. Varghese

Please pray for my son who is so laid back and distracted in his studies. Even trying to make him understand goes vain as he is too arrogant and hesitant to be heed advice. Very rebellious and angry for no reason. Towards his board exam in next 10-12 months, he is on very poor grades and this is quite worrying. Please pray for him so that he understand and realise the problems in procastinaion. and meet his targets and glorify Lord’s name. Reji, UK

please pray for my studies for my future and i am studying automobile engineering i finish my first year please for studies
kevin babu abraham, gujarat , vapi, india

Prayer_Request : Please pray for my son in 11 std. now. He is finding very difficulties in his studies . He was topper in the class for the past 6 years. He is upset. Kindly pray for him
Moni, Sharjah, U.A.E

Please pray for my sister son, he is 9 years old and having mild autism from his birth. but he is healed by gods grace a lot but not fully,they all are settled in dubai.Now he iwas not getting admission in the schools as he is having this last he got admission in school but the school authorities put a condition that he should have a shadow teacher then only he will make his please pray to god to do miracles in his life and heal him completely.He should be normal as other childrens of his age.we all are very much in sadness for him god will do miracles and i belive he will do this to his son too. Shyla ,sharjah, Dubai, United arab emirates

Pls pray for my IELTS exams .it didnt go well..Bett, Delhi

For getting a Job Joel Jacob, Germany

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Please pray for my son Thomas who is 33 to get a good job in his HR field. After completing his MBA in 2015, he tried his best to get a job but only recently he got one, that also after much prayers from our church members. He need a better job with a good pay. He is having allergy complaints (asthama and cough) and taking medicine for that. Cant stop medicine. Please pray for a divine healing in his body. May our merciful God heal him completely. Also pray for his marriage, to get a good spiritual soul mate, Gods chosen one for him. Please pray for us as we are having financial issues also. Thank you . God bless us all. Joyce, Mavelikara, Kerala

I Need Prayer For My University Assistant Grade Exam on May 24th.
Plz Pray For My Subject..Amen Jithin Mohan, Trivandrum, Kerala

My marriage problem my age now 30 one willing to marry a M.Sc mathematics job as a teacher .many proposals coming but no one ok. I got mummy and brother Jincy Jose, Thrissur

Please pray for my son in 11 std. now. He is finding very difficulties in his studies . He was topper in the class for the past 6 years. He is upset. Kindly pray for him. Moni, Sharjha

Praise the lord… i am new in Canada. i dont know anybody here other than my some class mates.please pray for me so that i will get a good fellowship and spiritual people. i am always worry about my future ..please pray for meTom Thomas, Ontario, Canada

I’m Shyla , i am writing this request because i am so confused and not able to take any decisions in my life,basically i am from a musilm family but i married a christain and now i am going to church with him,he is in pentacoast.I like to go to but now i am not able to understand wat to do next should i change my cast or should remain in mine.From my chidhood i would like to know which is the true god still i dont please pray for me to know the real god and to follow his path.please please pray for me to come out from this confusion . Shyla Azeez, Dubai

pls pray for my ielts exams .it didnt go well..
Bettt, Delhi, India


Praying for my son’s school choice outcome. He is having an unwavering faith that he will get a school he wishes to go which is highly oversubscribed. When, as a parent I advised it is not necessary that it can happen and whatever comes is best for our good as Lord takes care of us. So he challenged me saying how mom defines faith is wrong , but rather faith is unwavering trust without any foreseeable evidence. Please pray for my son for his faith and assurance in his tender age of 10. Keep our family of another elder son and my husband to remain in Lord’s mercy and kindness. Reji,UK

Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine here who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,thanks for helping,bless,
keijo leppioja, sweden

I am doing Freelance business development and design jobs in IT industry. During these days business is very less. I do get inquiries but conversion is not happening. Please pry for business growth. Jinson, Ettumanoor, Kerala,India

Please pray for my father and mother as they are attending a retreat this week. They need an immediate intervention in their family life.Please also pray for my upcoming USMLE exam, as this is an avenue which I greatly fear.
Ben George, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India

Pray For health , wealth , grace of the entire family and extended family.
Sheela George, Bangalore, karnataka, india

Dear Brothers & sisters in christ. Looking for a new Job in kuwait. Please pray for myself to settle down .
jacob Mathew, Fahahael, kuwait

Please pray for my son for his CBSE Class 12th grade exams which will start from 1st March onwards.
Biju, sharjah, UAE

Prayer_Request : I suffering with teath pain
Jiju, Alkhoor, Doha, Qatar

Prayer_Request : Praying for a baby
Teny anish, Basildon, United Kingdom

Prayer_Request : I am working in Kenya for last 8 years in between HIV/ TB patients. I want to relocate because they have not increased my salary for so many years, surviving and supporting father and mother in India is difficult for me, mainly there is no value for money in Kenya. Kindly, Kindly pray for me.
Abraham K.S, Eldoret, Kenya, E. Africa, Kenya

Prayer_Request : Join us 7 Days of Fasting and Prayer @ Evangel Church of God , A Jupally Arcade, Hyderabad, India
Pastor John Varughese, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Please pray for my Family..and for my special intention
Maya, Kannur, Kerala, India

I am a final year B.Tech student. I have the history of back papers. Presently also i am having the back papers. So please pray for my future. I need a good job and i want to clear my supplymentories. And my fiance having some financial crisis. Now he is having nothing in his hands. So please do pray for me and my fiance to have the presence of Jesus in our whole life and to a having a bright future for us. May god bless u all….AMRUTHA,MANANTHAVADY,KERALA,INDIA

Please pray that I prepare well and do my two exams well on the 29th of feb. I have much too read and revise.Pls pray that I keep good health and that everything else in the family remains secure till th exams are done. Jwala

on 29th of feb i am having my board exam .please do keep me in your prayers so that i get good percentage.i will do the same.aksa, bangalore, karnataka,india,

Please pray for my daughter to get good result in her 12th CBSE exam and to guide her further studies in India according to the will of God. Smitha , Abu Dhabi,

Mother is suffering with Allergy and other health ailments. Prayer request for healing. Sister is unmarried due to a small disability and hence suffers metal stress. Payer request for a rightful partner. Smitha, ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates.

Prayer request for my son and daughter for their Board exams. My son is studying in grade and daughter in grade 10. My son is working but he is not able to do properly. Please pray for him to score 90% marks in board exams. Pray for him to be the topper of chemistry in his school. Pray for my daughter to score 100% marks in her 10 board exams and to get admission in good school. Pray for my family. Mini, Kerala

Please pray for me to buy a a small houseBose, Ernakulam, Kerala

Please pray for my mother Susy suffering due to cancer and also pray for my brother to get a married life,Sherin Bose, Ernakulam, Kerala

I am working in Muscat. My son with me now .but my husband in kuwait.(another country).Here in oman now no job vaccancies or omanisation in last grade workers.He is a DCA worker.please uphold him in a family we want live together and mainly we want to Worship our god together.Preena Samuel, Kollam, Kerala

Please pray that the merciful Lord speak to my soulmate and his family so that they agree for our marriage .Im 32 years old and has been in this relationship for 7years. My guy does not want this marriage against the wishes of his family now. I need your prayers that the Lord sees my tears and bless me with a happy family life.Leena Thankachan, Canada

Please pray for us to have a healthy baby this year. I am suffering from menstrual problem . And also please pray for my husband for getting a better job. Kindly pray for us Anchana, Dubai

Hi I am Mini. Currently settled in Bangalore. I have two daughters – Elizabeth and Anna. Please pray for them to have a good family life and for my grandson. Mini, Bangalore

We have been trying to have a baby for 2 years.I am on treatment now. Waiting for a result by Wednesday. Please pray for me to have a positive replyTolly, Abudhabi

I am facing a very difficult situation here to get a Right job and I am scared to drive the car..God saved me and my family from a car accident miraculously. I was driving the car and that accident could have resulted in lot of issues including death but nothing happened except a minor issue with the car. Since then i lost my confidence even though i passed the driving test after that i dont have the ghuts to touch the car and this has effected my chance to get a job as my job demands driving and I am scared to drive …Dear pastor please pray for me to remove my fear,stress and tensions which is there with me since my childhood and now it is 100 times higher. I wanted to remove my fear and to get a good job so that i can support my family….Bindu Paul, USA

Please pray for us to have a healthy baby this year through safe delivery by Lords miracle as doctors says its impossible and difficult due to lot of complications in me -age. menstrual problems etc. Not sure what to do as doctors left me with concerns far i could not become pregnant due to absence of menstruation….still I am hopeful I am totally down still with hope every day we get up with a hope that today God will bless us..Brothers and Sisters please pray for us and for couples like us..With Prayers Mary and Joseph , Bloomington, USA

I am having GATE entrance exam tomorrow… do pray for me to have the presence of Jesus while i am writing and result should end in praising my lord.Denny John, Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Please pray for my job and to give me strength to bring up my children in ChristElza, Australia

I am working in dubai i have some problem in immigration please pray for me Ushas, Sharjah

1. My younger daughter is in 11th standard. I request to pray for her studies, to give good exams and for bright future.
2. My elder daughter’s marriage. To find a good life partner and to have secure & peaceful life.Omana, Gujarat

Please pray for me to get a good Job in my field & also for a good life partner.
Also to my sister’s education and bright future. For my parents.

Please pray that our Land dispute be solved and that we get our legal rights..we are in need of Divine Intervention and speedy answer from Heaven.please storm heaven with prayers for our family.thank you. Lloyd, Mumbai

I am trying for admission to a post graduate diploma course.please for my admission,all pray for complete cure of my illness and a promotion in my jobSinju, Doha

oh my lord, please be kind and relieve my mind from all stress am going through. I need a job which is so important for me and my family/ please pray for me and my family . me and my husband is suffering from gastritis and severe back pain please pray for relief. Let everyone’s wishes came true Roja Jacob, Dubai

Please pray for my son he is appearing 10th Exam which is starting next month.George, Kuwait

Please pray for our family and my husband searching for a better job please pray for us otherwise statedhe should be exit in this month last thank you. Bindu Jose, Saudi Arabia

Pls pray for my coming exams and practicals,..if it is god`s grace,pls help me to study well and become a Dentist,a campassionate,good Dentist,because i believe sklis come from Jesus Christ only…love u and sorry for my sins.Priyan, Germany

Please pray for me to get a good am work in an IT firm in less salary, I request to pray for my father & my family. also pray for my brother ,his name is Denny for getting a jobAthira Joy, Waynad, Kerala

Please pray for my exams..Lijo Mathew, Nilambur, Kerala

Jesus please pray for us so that my husband will get a permanent job in his notice period itself . Let his CV be selected and he will appear in interview with the grace of holy spirit and get a good job Neethu

My mother Rebecca Varghese , had a cerebral hemorrhage and that’s why done a neuro surgery regarding the fluid accumulation , after that she is not very conscious because after surgery due to ventilation and all she got affected with pneumonia and she hasn’t recovered from all of the above I mentioned . She is still in ICU (50 days over) , please pray for my mother for getting normal life and also pray for the doctors and nurses for giving the right medication for my mother. George Varghese, Adoor, Kerala