Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving, present your request to God. – Philippians 4:5

Life is difficult at times and we all need prayer. Malayalam Christian Networks “Prayer Time” program will provide a platoform to share your burden with our listeners. Amazing things can happen when prayer warriors around the world pray for your request. All your prayer request will be read on the radio so that our listener can pray for your prayer requests. We know some do not like to be announced on the radio, we keep those requests in confidential (If it is confidential please mention).

I’m writing my OET exam on February 11th 2018. I need your prayers. I just have two weeks and today I took my first class. Moving with faith. Please pray. Sujatha, Hyderabad

Please pray for my family we are facing some financial problems and also i want a new job with good salary. Jeena Eby, PTA, Kerala

My daughter Zephaniah is had ear ache and cough. Doctor says its an ear infection air borne. Please pray for her complete healing. Tabitha, Navi Mumbai

i request prayer for my daughter who is in 11th grade CBSE at present, finds difficulty in studies. Prayer required for the divine guidance, wisdom and knowledge to study well and pass this year. Leena Abraham, Thiruvalla

Request you to pray: 1. For my spiritual growth, 2. My future & 3.My financial needs. Vanitha, Bangalore

I jeffin joy had completed mechatronics engineering, even i dont have a job please pray for me and my family. Jeffin Joy, Kerala

Please pray for me to get a government job .All around me except my family laughing at me.I am an engineering graduate but i am unable to find out a job,please pray for me. Athira VS, TVM, Kerala

Prayer for my daughter now 10th class exam march-2018 rittu reji . @ reeba reji 7th class . my big daughter reema reji depolam cvil exam. pls praye. prayer for my family. Raji Kuruvialla, Mannar, Kerala

Dear sisters I request prayers and mass so I am now and forever free from loss on income and work, free from a hackers abusing my emails and communications in general. as I am writer and this tool to my every day work,Thank you Isabel

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. In this starting of this New Year I ask my Lord to protect me and lift me up from every problem. I ask you to pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ should fill me with Holy Spirit, Wisdom and Knowledge. To answer all my prayer that I stored in my heart. Do please pray for my above petition. Thanking you.. Rex Antony, Chennai

Please pray for me and my childrens spiritual growth and also my elderson staying in hyd has viral fever and also for his spiritual growth because he is alone .and to live closer to god thank you. Anila, Staten Island, NY

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I have completed my medicine but didn’t pass the exam to do my post graduate. I need to look for another alternative. I have so much debt in student loans. I am very confused on what to do next. Please pray that I find a job. I have a baby who is 5 months old. I feel like I don’t have proper time to read the word of God and pray. Please pray that I grow spiritually. Thank you! Shalom! Grace, Jacksonville, FL

Dear Brother /Sister, Please pray for my Family.My son who is six years is having Gall stone. My sister searching a job and a life partner.I need to build a house for my Parents. Financial crisis is really high .Please pray for me and my family Nisha, Kuwait

My marriage has been fixed on next week. Still money needed for marriage not yet arranged..Please pray for us to get money without any intrest. Nila

Please pray for me and my family spiritual growth good future shinto nc thrissur kerala Shinto, Thrissur

Hi,I Thank to god for every thing he has done for me and my family. Dear brothers and sisters my wife Jitomol is preparing for a medical exam for her future career. Please remember in your daily prays. Shelly, Florida

Dear brother and sister, We are praying and waitnig to getting conceive for a long time .Please pray for us and also to get good job in Govrnment sector(nursing) because critically my visa time going to end after 3 months..Thank you brother and sister. Arlin, Riyadh

Please pray for my USA work permit H1B visa to get approved. I applied 4 times and finally my application got picked up this year in the lottery. After all the processing, few days ago I came to know that my visa is denied. I am totally depressed and fully confused now. I really don’t know what to do. By God’s the company for which I was working told me that they are going to appeal and reopen the case. Currently I have only 2-3 weeks left to leave the country. Please pray for me so that my visa gets approved soon when its reopened. Lincy

hank you Heavenly Father for EVERYTHING & all praises be raised upto You only. Please join me & pray for me as I ask Our Gracious Lord Our Merciful God Almighty Yeshua for a blessed job as Orthodontist with my license to be accepted by the health regulatory board. Our Merciful Lord God Almighty, The Holy Trinity who parted the sea for Moses will make the totally impossible become possible by His miraculous blessing. Please remember me and pray for me. Dr.Joel, Bahrain

Praise be to God almighty. I am looking for a job since one year.attended many interviews but some reasons i am unsuccessful in all the interviews. recently i have attended the interview and im waiting for their feedback this Friday. kindly pray for me let god do the miracles for me in this year end. thanks, Merlin from UK Merlin James, UK

To be delivered from witchcraft and sinsvicegrip and spirit of murder and spirit of lust and spirit of blasphemy and to live a holy life filled with the holy spirit. John Thomas, Pathanamthitta

Please pray for my 7 year old daughter as she is constantly sick and suffer from asthmatic. This has been with her since her birth. I believe God can heal her. Her low health condition often makes her feel as she is good for nothing since she gets wheezing if she tries to play around or even laugh loud. I want His to strengthen her mind. Christeena, Dubai

Praise The Jesus. My name is mathew, I am facing lots of challenges and in trouble. My visa has been refused and i have to leave the country Canada. So many bad things happening to me since last 6months. I feel satan blocking me in life. Please pray for me and wife against Satanic Attack. Help us to pray in ways that reveal God’s power and strength. I still struggle with fears that have been instilled in me.In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, we want to fight against satan. Please pray for us as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Mathew, Canada

PLEASE PRAY MY FATHER IN LAW , P J ABRAHAM , Who has suffering high blood pressure , still he is admitted in hospital, and pray for my husband , he is searching good job or business. and also next week my younger daughter rose maria shaiju birthday please pray us ——THANK YOU JESUS JESSYMOL SHAIJUMON, Erattupetta

We are trying to conceive for 6 months..Please pray for us Anlin, Riyadh

Dear Prayer family, Please pray for my daughter who is taking final tests and doing project this week and next week to receive good grades this semester. Also pray for her trust in the Lord and to become more fervent in her prayer life. Abraham, Auburn, AL

My name is Lijo , I am residing in Ireland with my wife. I want to thank God for the everything I have today. My wife and me want to request our Lord to bless us with a child. We have been trying for a while now, my wife also had to face a miscarriage during this. I want to pray for her health to give birth to a child without any complications. Lijo, India

Pray for me plz.. am having my 12th board exams from march 9 till April 5 . am soo tensed about my exam am not able to remember anything that am studied, am always failing to retain the things, pray for me. as well I want to score better, the best in this boards bcoz am having great plans for my future. Binoy,
TVM, Kerala

Pray for my family and relatives to know the living God. Pray for Gods wisdom and kids to be filled with Gods knowledge. Pray for ministry work and using us for expansion of Gods kingdom. Both kids to top in their academics and career and future life. To lead victorious christian life. Praying for expansion of Bible study in Churches of all countries. Pray to Father God for me to get job in this country. Pray for the job situation of the country to improve and the blocakade. pray for the higher authorities of all country. Shibi, Qatar

Please pray for healing for Mary Jo and Dartagnan. Also, for someone to pay my parents this week, what he owes them. Thank you! Shelly

My Name is Rithin Roy, I’m 23 years old. I’m here for two things. First,to testify myself about the great things that God had done in my life. I lost my father last year 2016 on Feb 14th in a Car crash happened in Kottarakara. I was doing my Engineering 6th sem at that time.We were so heart broken and didn’t have any idea how to move on. Even there was police case regarding the accident and I didn’t even get time to mourn on my father’s death. After the cremation the very next day itself i had to go to the police station( first time in my life stepping into a police station),traffic police station for all legal procedures and identification of the people who crashed into my father’s car. I had no idea what all things i had gone through. But God lifted me up and held my hand he made me to talk boldly and wisely in front of other for all legal matters. After that i went back to my college,(Coimbatore).I lost one full internal examinations and It was the time for the payment of sem fees. Since my father was the only bread maker in my family, i really had no idea how to pay the fees worth of lakhs of rupees. But There also God’s hands carried me. Miraculously the college had decided to cut down all my tuition fees till i pass out from there and i only had to pay the hostel fees which i can manage and God helped me to pass Mechanical Engineering with First class with Distinction. This is how God had done greater things in my life and even continuing it and I wanted to spread this to the whole World
Second thing is I have prayer request I came to Dubai on a visiting visa for a Job .But till now I didn’t get one. I’m sure God has some plans for me. I want take care of my Mother who is in kerala now. Kindly pray for her and for getting a job for me, Thank you so much everyone.. Rithin Roy, Dubai

Here by i am requesting your valuable prayers to get the RN license from ontario. submitted all the papers, and passed licensing exam. But no response yet.Again please pray for me to get a health related job here in canada for which i was trying since last 2 1/2 yrs. please pray for me. Tessy Suresh, Canada

Please pray for my family, so that we can live harmoniously. I pray for my mother, who has recently had surgery to recover without pain and discomfort, I pray for my fathers heart condition to get better, and his overall health. I pray that my father and I can resolve our cultural differences. I pray for my grandparents, may they continue to live happy and joyful lives. I pray for my brother, that he continues to succeed in his career. I pray for myself, that I can live life happily again, by overcoming this crippling depression. I pray that I can become a better person who is able to be more kind, patient and understanding. I pray for my ex boyfriend, I pray that he lives an amazing life with his wife and that they are happy together. I pray for everyone I do and don’t know. I pray for peace. Christina 19, London

Waiting for the test results to find out if I️ have breast cancer or not. Please pray for me to accept any kind of situation.

Pray for me and my church as we are going to holy land this sunday. Rev. Fr. Isac. b. Prakash, Texas, USA

please pray for us, as we are trying to conceive for 2 years now. Please pray for us to conceive and have a baby soon. MINU JOSEPH, Santa Clara, CA

“Praise be the Lord” My daughter Lekha S. Lin is studying in IT Eng. 3rd SEM at Caarmel Eng. College Pathanamthitta and due to her sickness she is not able to attend the class since 01 week. One day (07 Nov) suddenly her left paw was shaking/Shivering continuously and she was admitted in Hospital for 6 days. All the test was done by specialist doctors and all were coming to the conclusion that there are no any problems. At last doctor advised to pray and we were taken my daughter to a catholic (we are belonging to) prayer center and also they said to pray in a faithful manner. My daughter’s condition still remaining same. Dear Brother now I am requesting you and your team to pray to Lord Almighty for my daughter to cure as soon as possible. As I am working in KSA, at home my wife and 2 daughters are there and they are not able to come and pray personally with your team. So I requesting your valuable prayer for my daughter. Surleenj Panipicha, TVM, Kerala

Please pray for my rn exam I am a average student I don’t know how to pass this exam please pray for me and whoever trying for this exam. Jojyshine , NY

Praise the lord . i am a student in Hungary . there are no Pentecostal churches here in the city i am living . its been almost a year and a half since i haven’t been to any churches . i request all of you to pray for providing me an opportunity to find or start a church here . in order to do that i need your valuable prayer and support

Christabel, Hungary

Dear brother praise the lord
Brother I need your prayer support because yesterday in my office have some issue with my co-worker so that time he complaint against for me so our HR manger dicide to transfer me in any site. Our my visa cancel like this if I get tranafer to that site . Its big issue for mee .becouse here I can go for weekly prayer and desert prayer their I can’t go there too much problem so I need your prayer… Joseph, Punalur

I am a fresher mechanical engineering graduate.i completed my engineering in July 2017.i am searching for a job.but still I am jobless. Please pray for me. Rojin, Jalahalli, Karnataka

I am Vincent working in Kuwait.pray for my wife (Jaya) to be anointed with holyspirit .she is suffering from shoulder pain and leg pain .pray for her. Vincent, Kuwait

വളരെ അധികം സാമ്പത്തിക കഷടത അനുഭവിച്ചുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്ന ഈ അസ്ഥയിൽ നിന്ന് എന്നെ കരകയറ്റുമാറാക്കേണമേ. കർത്താവിനാൽ കഴിയും എന്ന് ഞാൻ എന്റെ ഉള്ളം കൊണ്ട് വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു എനിക്ക് വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കേണമേ .Sali Thomas,

Please pray for my career . I am working in a software company . Please pray to improve my communication skill , to get good work and shine in my work without any problem . Pray to remove my stage fear, give me good knowledge . Elizabeth, Maharashtra

Prayer for me and my family. Susan, Bedfordshire, UK

I am studying in grade 12th. My board exams are getting nearer. Lot of pressure from parents and relatives. Feeling really stressed and scared. Please pray for me to get good grades and to have a good future!. Neha varghese, Riyadh

I lost job due to lot of politics in office. Boss involved with a peon. Only her words he listens. She was jealous of me and filled boss’ ears against me. Even another colleague was very unpleasant and rude to me. Because of all this, boss told me to resign. Today, i am jobless. I have forgiven all. Please pray that my elder son is settled in life. Lot of financial crisis. Need a house of our own for worship. God bless u all in advance. Sonia, Pachakula, Hariyana

Dear Lord, I pray to thee for all those who are been in need for a job desperately, kindly hear your children’s pray especially my brother-in law (Shibu) who has been awaiting so long. Lord please shower your grace upon the supervisor who have agreed to give him a job, please help in arising a vacant position for him and open up his eyes to remember him and call him and offer him a job. In Jesus name Amen Harry, Abu Dhabi

Praise the Lord.
I am neethu. I have a job offering from abroad but I am facing some legal difficulties.I was searching for a song and accidentally came across this site and I heard your prayer for jobs and legal problems and I knew Lord Jesus was talking to me through you. Pastor, please pray for my work permit and visa issues and that I will get all the documents in time.
God bless your ministry.Your service is of great help to so many like me.Please continue to console others in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.and Thank you for your prayers. Neethu, Trivandrum

I would like to request all your prayers for some difficulty situations,Im working for last 3years in a mumbai based company.Im looking for a good job to get settle the family. I’ve given a lot of interviews,all companys are keeping my intrvw reault on hold/wait.Always praying for the jobseekers.I can understand their situations. We are whole heartly praying for a kid for my sister,she get married before a 8 year. And Im doing some immigrations process.. Please pray for us and to do well the IELTS exam on Nov mid. In one and only one almighty Lord Jesus name, Amen, Jerin, Kottayam

Please pray for rejoining of my family life and we don’t have kids.Please pray for us. Shirly, Kerala

i am working in saudi arabia as nurse.i have given my certificates for verification.there seems a problem in the certificate.i am in worst situayion.i have debts and i need to take care of my husband lost his job.please pray urgently so that today itself i get the final report. Angel, Pathanamthitta,


Please pray for me I can’t focus on my career and specially for my further life. Ashish Dhanraj, Chennai

Dear brothers and sisters in husband retired from Indian army and now he is looking for a new job from last six children are studying,please pray for their studies and and for my husband so that get a new job. Juby Varghese , Mavelikara, Kerala

Please for me to grow Spiritually and to be used by GOD. Manna, Dubai

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ, I am presently in Qatar and my sponsor is not letting me go back home. Please pray for me to our Lord to work miracles so that I can go back to my home in Kerala – INDIA and meet my wife and 3 beautiful children – God’s gift to me. Today I accept JESUS as my one and only Savour in my life. Sajit Kumar, Doha, Qatar


Please Pray for my daughter Rebecca as she is going to do a presentation of her paper at the Biopolymer conference at San Francisco on 18th. October 2017. John Robert Jayabalan , Chennai

Just today I accidentally came to hear you. I was searching a malayalam song and it opened from your site, from that moment onwards i am hearing your radio channel, wonderful, may God bless you abundantly, whatever prayers you are praying in this channel was very much comfort for me. please pray for me also. God bless you Susan George, Trivandrum


Am having chickenpox…. N admitted in the hospital. Plz pray for me. Am fourth year med student. Plz pray for my brothers, pappa, mummy.. Pappa is a pastor. Josna, Russia

Pls. pray for my sister , Ruby Mathai, who is diagnosed with metastatic cancer, in liver and bones.and for the helpless family. Annie Cherian, EL Cajon, CA

My Name is Ashok please pray for me I am looking for a job as FOE with Day shift and Sunday holiday. Ashok, Bengaluru

We have started a partnership business two years ago and its not successful and lost lot of money. Now we have started a proprietary business , required money for running business , financial too tight . Kindly pray for developing our business Santhosh, Ernakulam

please pray for me i can find job which suitable for my license. Linju, Thiruvalla

Please pray for my son who is 4 yrs old that lord Christ may always be with him and also pray for my husband for his good health and career. Please pray for mom and dad who are suffering for disc problem and my sister is suffering from cyst and fibroid in uterus. Please pray for me so that I can get a job. Shalini,

Very sadly IAM writing this, from long time IAM waiting for my marriage still not fixed, daily daily IAM facing problems because IAM feeling lonely, people are insulting me by asking about my marriage, I don’t knw why this much hindrance in my life, please pray for my marriage my humble request Mary Salini, Bangalore

Praise the Lord, with great pain I am seeking for a prayer for my beloved friend Daisy, Daisy George ; I Loved her with sincere heart and she in return too.. One fine day I don’t know what went wrong, My friend gradually departing from me which hurting me a lot ; Lord should bless her wherever she is ;with whomsoever she is ; God should give her wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding ; should have a fear in her heart before getting into wrong activity; I have real concerned about my friend;She should not be affected by any worldly friends . She should not be close with any unwanted friends; If at all she is , Lord should put an end to it immediately; lord should brought her nigh to him ; she should be more closer to God than any one ; Lord should bless her father who is hospitalized due to Low BP. , his condition seems to be critical ; Lord should touch him and heal him;through his healing let alone God’s name be praised ; Lord should keep her and her family in his wings; Lord should touch their family and remover them from all reproaches; Jestin, Delihi

I am studying for my CPA(USA) exams. I humbly request your prayers to help me work hard enough to fetch sufficient knowledge to answer the questions correct and pass the exams which I am planning to attempt during January 2018. Passing these exams will bring solutions to a lot of problems in my life and the lives around me. ,Thomas Savraw

Hi I am Jestin , having a prayer request for my beloved friend Daisy, Daisy George ; Lord should bless her abudantly, since her child she has passed through many struggles ; Born and raised in Boarding school; Her father left her when she needed his caring the most as a Father ; Never ever tasted the Parental love ; LAter, schooling passed through worldly paths somehow manage to escape can say it’s all God’s grace ;this struggles changed character ; Lord should bless her family,her parenz and her brother ; should remove her from all reproaches ; Her family should know the true god; Return to the true god; Lord should speak to her , Lord should touch her; Let not her be alone ; Lord should be with her; Deliver her from worldly friens; Draw her nigh to the lord; Lord should toch her heart tonight. Jestin Kunjumon,

i am a divorcee working in qatar.My native place is i karthikapally.since 4 years we have been trying for a second marriage for me but not yet fullfilled.i am the only son to my ailing parents.i am very much frustrated that even after praying relentessly i can’t find out a suitable match as i am 44yrs now.please pray for the healthof my mother ,fater,sister &family(in u.s.a)and for me .Thank you Prince Mathew, Qatar

Hi, my name is Anitta Susan Mathew Kindly pray for my relative Thomaskutty who is suffering from colon cancer….. Anitta Mathew, Texas, USA

Please pray for me I am without a job for almost 1 year. I have attended a few interviews but nothing has materialized. I am going through a rough patch. A job is very essential for survival. Please pray so that I land up with a job as per my dreams. God bless us all! T. Kurien , Abudhabi

My name is dona- am basically from kannur, currently we are staying in kochi.., Now am 2 mnth pregnant , my husband job was gone. please pray for get another good job,in this situation we are struggling a lot. please please pry for us. Dona Nithin, Kochi

Please pray for me that i concevie a healthy blessed baby please please pray for me. Sonia Lijo, Kottayam


Please pray for my family and for their well-being and health. I am so stressed in my job and not able to work with all my heart. Please pray for us and for each and everyone. ,Roja Jacob, Dubai

Hello, I am Tessa Philip from Australia. I kindly ask to pray for my grandfather, aunties, cousin uncle, my siblings and my parents. If God will may their all intentions be fulfilled in the Holy name of our Lord Jesus. I also ask to please pray for our passed away grandmother, may she attain eternal life. Please pray for me that I may know my Lord’s will for me, and live accordingly.
Thank You so much for ur prayer support. May God bless you all. Tessa Tresia Philip, NT, Australia

For the past few weeks, I am getting lot of bad dreams and I don’t know how to interpret the dream. and its bothering me a lot. the dream is about my children.
Request your valuable prayers for my children and their future. , Joe Daniel

Please pray for Sharon. She is my best friends mother in law who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please pray for her that she will recieve a full body healing..In Jesus name. Amen Rebecca, Canada

Jesus protect the bid I placed on my new forever home! And gain possession September 11 2017, I can grow my business from my new forever home! Thank you Jesus for this forever home in Jesus name!!! My name is on the house Suzanne LaRose in Jesus mighty name thank you!!! Amen !!! I love you Jesus!!!! Please pray Jesus guards my new home with his blood and angels ! So I can win the bid and move in, in Jesus name Amen!!! Suzanne, Canada

It is my humble request to all servants of our God, Jesus to pray for my wife Renuka, my daughters Remya and Aishwarya, who have been worshiping idols, to set free them from the clutches of Satnic powers . Kindly be informed that I have come from an very old Hindu Nair conventional family and have been saved by the Grace of Lord on 05th September, 2014 through our beloved and dedicated servant in Lord, Pr.Sudhir Kurup in Dammam. As usual every such converted gets many rejections and abominations, I too have been getting the same from our kith and kins, near and dear especially from my in-laws who all have been born and and brought up in Baroda. V.M.M. Kurup, Alkhobar

Iam vijay .iam an engineering graduate. Now aim workingas a trainee in a company here in visa is finishing in November.please pray for me to take me as a permanent employee in this company.please pray for my spiritual growth also. Thank u. Vijay Joe Oommen, Sharjha

Please pray for Florida. According to the report hurricane is gone happen in Florida about160mph my aunt and family and my grandmother and for all born again christians to be safe in god mighty hand. Thank you Joshna mercy nibin, Texas


My mother is suffering from a low bp problems,plz pray for her health Remya, Kochi

Dear pastor please pray for me to get a good job in dubai,my husband also looking for a new job.MY mum is a widow we need to take care so its urgent for us to get a job and at present we are going through tough financial crisis. Lini, Dubai

Since July 2017 God brought me to Trinidad for a period of one year with regards to my work. God has a plan & purpose in doing this. I am paying to God to reveal His plan for me here in Trinidad. I request your prayer for this matter. Thank you. Ajit Abraham, Trinidad & Tobago

kindly prayer for to know GOD will in my life.for Prayer with concentration, prayer for a good job with good income.prayer for marriage, I am 32 .please Brother from Cochin

Pls pray for my sister Sandra . she is studying in 12th grade she is having difficulty in her studies . pls pray for her. soon she will be attending her 12th grade exams . Sera Susan, Abudahbi, UAE

Pray for my family. Shawn, Cambridge, UK

Prayer for my husband and my sister job and pray for my delivery in the month November Mercy, Chennai

Dear prayer partners
My son Allen George studying 2nd year mechanical engineering in Mumbai has lost one paper in his 1st semester.he is a good student and works very hard.he is devastated and we are shocked.we need to give it for revaluation,pray that he will get good marks on revaluation,and that he need not write it again.he has lost interest in studies and don’t know what to do.also pray for is spiritual upliftment.He do not take much interest in god.thanking you
Tiju, Mumbai

Im Krena please pray for my life n my family ……. pray for my career .. Krena, Nagarcoil

I had been praying for a new job for the last seven months. Please pray for me. I live in Dallas, Texas, USA. Santosh David, For Worth, Texas

Please pray for me to get a good job. Ajish george, Kottayam

Please pray for me to get my nursing liscence and transfer my visa from family visa to work visa to work in Kuwait. Thank you Remya kuriakose , Kottayam

Please pray for my daughter to find a good catholic boy for a life partner. Thank you. Annie Philip, Singapore

Please pray for my four years old daughter Amala, who has continues fever and cough these days.She has caught pneumonia two times. Please pray for her complete cure. Please pray also for my brother who has a sad state of anxiety and has pressure etc. Thomas William, Ernakulam.


My 12th board exams are comIng up in this Feb . I request your prayers so that i can get above 90 percent in exam. Andriya, Doha.


Please pray for my family to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be pleasing to God. Please pray for my children who needs to be closer to God. Please pray they understand that fear of God is wisdom. Ask God to give nhem wisdom and attract them towards Him Lally, Thiruvalla, Kerala.

Please pray for me that I get good marks for my year 10 (GCSE) and please pray that I would have a good life ahead of me and that Jesus should always be with me in my lives… Wesley, Crawley, UK

Please for my family. actually i have a hard time , because i am in 9 th and i have so much notes to write and i find less time to study. Well ,it is kinda hard . and i have a upcoming half yearly board exam too. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!! Irene James, Hyderabad


Dear brother and sister, pls pray for my mother to gets better healing and for my kids too.They were studying in class8&10, pls pray them to get excellent mark in their exams .They were not brilliant but God can do better for them.I am trusting in Jesus. Another request is that I have to be blessed in Jesus name at my work place. Thank you, may God bless you all too, Sony,
Ruwi, Oman

I reached UK 2 Months back and since then I am looking for a job. Please pray that God may fulfil the desire of my heart. Lovin, Thomas, UK

Request to prayer for my uncle named George Mathew. Noble Shaji, Floral Park, NY

Kindly prayer for my unborn baby am 8 months pregnant last scan showed that my unborn have cyst on his/her pelvis.i need your prayer and support. Neethu, Ernakulam

Prayf for my marriage, my carrear, in my current job no mistake to happen in my work, my boss to be good towards to me and not to shout, my colleagues to be good, My health to be cured and my mom and dad healths. Our family property to get. My sister to lead a meaningful life, In our family happiness to come and sadness to go. Our prayers to be answered for which we are waiting from many years. Lisa Kuruvilla, Mumbai

Dear Brother & Sisters,
Please pray for me to God to show me a way to Go Home & Meet my Parents and family. Fixed with financial troubles and stuck in Dubai from past 3 years. Due to no money my wife left with my daughter. Now their family is not allowing me to talk to my Wife & Daughter. Please pray for them also. I have another 20 Days in Dubai with valid Visa. After that i will land in trouble. I know that God will deliver at right time. but i need your support in Prayers. Eljoe Mathew, Dubai

Praise the Lord
Pray for my younger brother Pradeep Kumar Pillai who for the last so many years is in satan’s bondage. He gets voilent and moves out of the house at any time no day and no night. No peace at home. He is educated married having one kid. No responsibility at home. wanders here and there on top after coming home fights loudly. Doesn’t go to work. I am his sister. we have no parents but left with 2 brothers who are younger to me. The youngest one if prem kumar pillai He got married on May 20 hardly one year passed he is also jobless post graduate plus B.Ed he goes to work but not stable and less salary. After he got married a marathi lady arranged but now she has gone to her place saying that she is not well now she has not come back from the day she left our house that is November 2016. When my brother called her she started telling let me see. But till now she has not turned up. Lastly my case I a unmarried because when y mother and father expired my younger 2 brothers were not matured and I had to look after them even when I had my elder brother who was working for railways but now expired.Yesterday also pradeep kumar came to my house and started talking all nuisance to me and created problems in the house. He does not listen at all. We have taken him to a psychiatrist but he does not take the medicine When we give him hiding it goes in his body otherwise his wife is also a stupid lady even though she is pentecostal no god fear talks all such sort of words which is not suited to us pentecostal christians.It is my humble request to plase pray for my whole family (Pradeep his wife Kunjumol and kid Daniel next Prem Kumar Pillai his wife Swati Pandare and lastly myself sheela pillai)Financial problem and all sort of hindrances in all our family matters. I am going to job in a school which is secured so everything moves smoothly. We have been come from a hindu background to pentecost for the last 16 years. Myself and my youngest brother prem is always in prayer but pradeep,kunjumol and daniel very rare they sit in the presence of God as his wife is working as a general nurse just to pull on the family. She has shifts and that is the big reason for her. So please please pray for us and god do wonders in our life in everyway spiritually, financially and physcially also. Sheelapillai, Mumbai

Getting continues sickness.. I want a deliverance. Please pray for me and my family. Jomit Mathew, Thiruvalla

My husband is a carpenter. After two week, they have no work in that field. For, Pls pray to my husbands work field. MARY ROSHMILA, Ernakulam

I went through a bitter divorce 5 years ago. Due to lack of funds, I had poor legal representation and my 3 children and I were court ordered to move out of our home. One month after we moved out, he moved his mistress in our home. We are still displaced living in a one bedroom. Please help me in praying that my children and I are back in our home and gives us peace of mind. Thank you and God bless. Sheana Arrington, Texas

Please pray for my cousin Shobith, age 27. He’s in very critical medical condition Jaison Varghese, Mumbai

Kindly pray for our son who has currently residing in India without job. Kindly pray for him to get a good job with good package in Middle East Thomas,

Please pray for my son who completed his engineering and waiting for a job offer Jose, Pune

Thank you Jesus for this site which I bumped accidently. I humbly request prayer for my cousing sister SIMLA who is looking for a life partner. No alliances are being fruitful. She lost her father 8 years back. She has her mother and brother. They are in financial crisis too. Simla’s Brother Sinto is also going through depression too. Kindly keep Sinto too in prayers. May the Almighty Shower His Blessing on Simla in finding her right partner who the Lord has made at the earliest. Praise God. Joby John, Bangalore

Praise the Lord…. Please pray for the below needs, My auntys leg pain, My house having some problem. My company have some problem.. My kids to Grow with the blessings of God. My and My husbands job change.
My husband he is trying more than 2 years for job change.. but he will go till last round of the interview. but he will lost becoz of unexpected reasons.
MY family Needs to grow along with the holy spirit and God’s blessings. Sherly Sheeba

pray for my sister in law she has 4th stage cancer, pray for my daughter who is 14 years old. she self harms and please pray for her to stop Anita, UK

My father, Mr. Varghese Thomas has been detected with Cancer. Request your prayer for him as doctors have told not to do anything and let him have a comfort life. Please pray for him to be a testimony of the miracles of the heavenly father ANNIES JOHNSON, Surat, Gujarat

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY COUSIN WHO IS SUFFERING FROM Systemic lupus erythematosus, ( a chronic autoimmune disease.Symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, rash and fever. These can periodically get worse (flare up) and then improve. While there’s no cure for lupus, current treatments focus on improving quality of life through controlling symptoms and minimising flare-ups. This begins with lifestyle modifications, including sun protection and diet. ) She just finished Bsc nursing and was working in a reputed hospital . Our whole family is shattered and it is difficult to see my cousin who grew up with me suffer. I pray God hears our prayers and cure her. she was the hope for the family financial and emotionally but now … she continues to strengthen us with her smile. Pls pray for us Her name is Ammu and my name is Janine Jainey, Chennai

Please, keep DEJAN and me in continued prayers for: Improvement, developing and deepening of our relationship; STRENGTHENING OF OUR LOVE; THAT GOD LEAD AND PROTECT OUR FUTURE, FURTHER COMMUNICATION AND GIVE US WISDOM IN BEHAVIOUR TO EACH OTHER;
For GOD’S PROTECTION, BLESSINGS and LEADING of our relationship, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married soon. Thank you for all your prayers Wish you all the blessings Katarina from Belgrade. Katrina,

My father, Mr. Varghese Thomas has been detected with Cancer. Request your prayer for him as doctors have told not to do anything and let him have a comfort life. Please pray for him to be a testimony of the miracles of the heavenly father.

Please pray for two my friends who are wishing for a child from past few years and now depressed due to this .. also praying for my sick parents . All thanking for all blessings. Juno, Dubai

Please pray for my brother in law’s marriage to be fixed. Please pray for a financial breakthrough for my family. JK, Ernakulam

Hi ! I am Jerin. I am a bcom (ca) student. I am requesting everyone to hardly pray for me to wash away my sins and come in the presence of Lord. Because of the sins I am too much troubled. I have a problem of forgetting everything I studied for exams. Please pray for my Dad to come back in the presence of the Lord because most of the time, there will be always a clash between Marthoma and Pentecost. Whenever we say the truth, he does not listen us. Actually he knows the truth eventhough he wont come back to it. Amen and Thanks. Jerin Alex, Pathanamthitta


Please pray for my IELTS study Anna Thomas, Abudhabi

Hello there,
I have a prayer request which is about my mother. She is a patient of Multiple Sclerosis(Scleroderma). Our family is in the ministry from past 24 years, Udaipur Rajasthan. It’s God’s amazing grace that my mom still is serving the people of God and ministering them. Our ministry field is in a rural area, Tehsil called Jhadol. Remember in your prayers about our ministry in Rajasthan, Thanks Ebenezer T. Abraham, Udaipur

Hi,Plz pray fr me to get the best job here in UK since 1 year I’m trying to get a job as I need to support my family financially Merlin, UK

Brother, I am very very depressed in my life. I am 41 years old and i was once married at the age of 31 and it was a short marriage of just few months and i was pregnant in that duration. My baby passed away on the date of delivery in my womb and i was operated. After that i didnt go back to that man because he tortured me and my family a lot. He was also abusive and tried to even put me in mental hospital. thus, one of my marriage relation was over. Then i was sorting all my issues with my disturbed marriage and fixing the money issues which i got because of the ex husband. I had given him huge loans in that life span. This is during 2009. After that i now got connected to a man whom i helped a lot in his crises and we planned to get married in next few months. Yesterday we had a small fight ( argument). I am in qatar and he is in Dubai. its been 6 months that i came from Dubai to qatar for work. And we were planning to get married. Now we had a fight and he says he is not planing to marry me and he will return all the support i did for him. But i love hi somuch. I want this relationship to be saved. Please bless me with your prayers to sort issues in my relationship. My family is always visiting your prayer meetings in Kottayam. Please pray for me and him. My name is Premlekha and his name is Naveen Kumar. I want to have a happy married life with him. My age is running and i want to have one child of mine. for which i must get married also. Please pray for me. Premlekha, Doha

Pls pray for a marriage Renu Philip, Kottayam

My name is Nobin and I am 30 years old. I did engineering in Computer Science and I am looking for a job for quite a long time now. I was working earlier and the career gap I have is the reason why I am unable to find an opening. Right now I am in Dubai on visit visa and searching job in Networking field still didn’t find any luck. My family, relatives and many of my friends are praying for me. My visa is going to expire by July mid and tension is building up both on me and my parents. Kindly pray for me and also for those who are searching for jobs. I really appreciate the divine service you guys have been doing that help others find faith and trust in Jesus.
thank you and God bless all, Nobin Alex, Kerala

Pls pray for our youngest daughter to get the best life partner as per God’s perfect will according to His promise. Jancy, Muscat


Would you kindly pray for the salvation of a lady named Taylor?
Thank you so much, you are richly blessed by God. Humphrey, East London, SA

My son is taking his final exam today . this is his difficult subject. please pray for his success. Usha, Rockland, NY

lease pray for me to get a good job and to bless me with a good future. Also I need to have spiritual blessings. Sijo, Bangalore

My 26 year old cousin is in serious condition in hospital. Drs are not able to diagnose what he has. Several tests were done and he was treated for all possible causes but he is not responding well to treatment. He has multiple organ failure now. He is on ventilator and daily dialysis. Drs say there is nothing more they have to do. Only God can heal him. He is the Lord that healeth all our diseases. Jehovah Rafa. Please pray for his miraculous recovery which will lead others to the Lord. Merin

have no job I will pray for Jesus everyday Sanju, Kollam

Next week on 19th of june my bank exam results are going to be announced please do pray for me that i may get through it. right now am going through many problems all look down at me as im jobless but i believe that our Lord is mighty enough to change my situation . I believe in Lord JESUS. Christina,

Please pray for my dad he is being under going dialysis and is suffering a lot of problem. I want my dad back like he was earlier. He is going day to day week and It hurts a lot. Please pray for his well being and help him recover from his situation. And also pray for my husband who out of country and all alone out there. Let Jesus be with him and reach safely back to the family. Anu Bejoy, Vadodara

Please could you pray for Polly Holbrook of England struggling with cancer of the throat and windpipe which started in the breast many years ago and now a new growth has developed and she is finding life hard and asks if your prayer warriors could lift her name to The Lord Jesus, whom she loves and worships and who she knows is full of grace and mercy. Polly is a very devout and devoted Christian Woman of God with a very strong faith and she asks for help with extreme exhaustion and fatigue, acute anxiety and lack of strength and energy due to all the drugs and treatments administered for the cancer. She has difficulty sleeping and swallowing and has a left side ear infection that will not clear of heal due to a weakened immune system. Polly asks in the name of The Lord Christ for healing and for more time on earth to help her 3 children and 8 Grandchildren. She completely believes that Jesus can heal her completely through prayers and supplication. She is awaiting her scan results and she asks for a postive outcome and good news and that the cancer has shrunk and gone away and her body and health are restored in the name of Jesus Christ her Sovereign Lord and Saviour. Polly loves your county and has captured it in art and paintings and sends your prayer community deep thanks, praise and gratitude for helping her through prayers. Many thanks and Grace,Peace and Blessings to your community of prayer warriors from Clare a friend and prayer partner. Amen and Thanks.Clare Stein, Oxford

Kindly pray for my mother who lost her memory partially and so she creates some problems at home. She is staying with one of my sister. She suspects everybody including her daughter due to her memory loss. Susan, New Zealand

Dear Team, Please pray for my sister who is suffering from back pain.she is finding it very difficult to go about doing things and her job.please pray for her healing. Thanks Liji, Ernakulam

Please pray for my sister Jasmin she is writing English test on 24/6/2017.Her died last year. She had two children. I Its very hard to study but believe Our is able to give victory. He is the only hope. She and her children likes come to Australia. Please remember her in your prayers. I am her sister.pray my family too. I always listen your prayers. Its very very comfort and strength to me. May the Lord bless you all. Jessy, Melbourne

Please pray for my Son. He is going through some tough time in his life. Please pray that we as a family may be strengthened and grow in the Lord. Koshy, Kollam.

My son is suffering from a peculiar skin disease for the last many years. We have done everything that we can do in medical sciience. but still no result. We are awaiting for a miracle from the almighty God. Please help us in praters Victor Mathew

I am suffering from PCOD and have been trying to start a family with my husband since 2 years. Had a miscarriage last year and still hopeful of a good news. Please pray for us. Jeeva, Dubai

Praise the Lord.My name is Tia and I am 29 years old.God has gifted me with good education and all blessings but my marriage is not working out and my parents and I am very worried about this matter..Please pray for me to get a good life partner very soon.My father has recovered from cancer . Tia Mathew, Adoor

I am in a very bad situation financially.,I need to pay many people and I have got a property in Tvm and since long I am trying to sell my property,but no buyer.Please pray that my property will be sold soon .I need to sell this and my daughters wedding should be done. Thomas Mathew, Trivandrum

Please pray for me to get a new job Shinto, Thrissur

God Save Eric McDonald!!! Please pray for Eric McDonald.Pray for his salvation.Pray Eric come himself and accept Jesus as his Savior so everything in his life changes!!! Alfred Brown, Maine, USA

I ask prayers for a understanding partner in life and my marriage to be fixed which is not working for a long time and a good marriage life. My parents health and my. My sister’s life to know christian life. For a happy family at our home understanding and communication. My job place is to be good and understanding and no mistakes should be there my bosses to understand me and my colleagues to be good to me. My carrear to go properly wherever I will be placed. Our family property which is not given to us pray for that which may be given to us. I to be self confident to decide between wrong and right not to get angry and have a satisfied life, my mind to be strong and not to think negative in life. Help me to face all the trials and tribulations. Please pray for a change in our life. Requested Privacy

I have a test on June 10th and i need your prayer. This test is so hard but i know that, it is easy to my God. Thanks Fibin George, Cleveland, TN

an you please pray for my family life….i no need anything more …a peaceful family life. Now 2 year after my marriage. ..but still have problems with my wife.she is not understanding with other members in my family. I am in saudi arabia .but my family in kerala. Can you please pray for my family life….she need to accept and understand to my parents and my brother and his family Jestin Joseph, Kerala

Praise the lord pastor , please pray for my mother Neeta , she is in the hospital, please pray for All reports to be normal and it would be a testimony for god grace. Gaurav, Delhi

My daughter SALMA applied for pharmacist exam and visa IN BAHRAIN the exam on 24 th may still there is no any reply please for her Sathiara, Muharaq

വളരെ അധികം സാമ്പത്തിക കഷടത അനുഭവിച്ചുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്ന ഈ അസ്ഥയിൽ നിന്ന് എന്നെ കരകയറ്റുമാറാക്കേണമേ. കർത്താവിനാൽ കഴിയും എന്ന് ഞാൻ എന്റെ ഉള്ളം കൊണ്ട് വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു എനിക്ക് വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കേണമേ . Philip Antony, Palakka

I graduated this month with MS in Biomedical Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington.So right now I am looking for jobs.Please pray for my future and my family back in India. Nijin Varghese, Arlington, TX

I am nithin john, from doha qatar . my wife is 9 months carrying now and her date is coming closer. please pray for us and for my family. Nithin, Doha

Requesting please urgently pray for John Mathew to get a good job,as he jobless for more than 10 months. It’s getting difficult to meet his needs, pray may God grant deliverance and he may cling more closer to God during this tough time. Thanks to dear prayer partners. Mercy Abey John, Thiruvalla,

This is for my son who is suffering from higher degree of arrogance and anger. It really scares me and he is going through his board exam time as well which started two days ago. He hates parents, both me and my husband, it has been like this since months. Worried that whom to ask or whom to intervene, it is quite scary and helpless. He is 24/7 angry. I assume there had been inner hurts which he had from his childhood has summoned up that now there is no control over him by his controlling father. I am only a buffer here- acting on both sides. Please pray over the situation that Lord touches and mend his young heart and grant an inner healing from above. Grades are important but above all I want him to be a child of God. Our family prayer is hindered and no harmony at all and I pray that his father has a heart to sit with the family. PLEASE PRAY…. that his grades reflect that it is not his ability, rather Lord’s intervention that he can witness Lord for the rest of his life. Ms. Jacob, UK

Dear prayer team, Please pray for my sister who is abroad.she is facing lot of issues with her health.she is finding it hard to concentrate on her work.she has back pain and leg pain.please pray for her good health. Liji, Ernakulam

My name is Joshna. We looking for a blessed child of God as life partner for my brother Joshua, Texas

My wife is working as an officer in SBI bank hyderabad, Telangana state. She wants to transfer from Telangana state to ANDHRA PRADESH state circle. Now this transfer is very important to us. Please pray for the transfer. Ramesh,
Andhra Pradhesh

എന്റെ വിസ അടിക്കുവാനുള്ള എല്ലാ തടസവും മാറി പെട്ടന്ന് വിസ അടിച്ചു കിട്ടുവാനും എന്റെ ബിസ്സിനെസ്സ് നന്നായെ നടക്കുവാനും എന്റെ വീടിന്റെ പണി പെട്ടന്ന് തീർക്കുവാനും വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കണം Alby John. Kuwait

Dear prayer team, Please pray for my mother who is going in for a surgery on Monday.please pray for health and a speedy recovery. She is old and has many health issues.please pray that the surgery goes well. Liji, Ernakulam

Pl prayer for my family , name susan & abin , they have some mental depression Jiss, Damam

I am a plus two student my result is publishing on may 12 or 15.. I am not sure that I’m going to pass in maths and physics….and I’m sure that I’m going to fail so please pray for me. Anna Joy, Palakkad

Please pray for our son as he is very weak in studies hence cannot continue his professional course. Please pray for our daughters as they are very naughty and fighting each other for simple things which create hyper tension to both of us. Sunil, Doha

Hi, i am a 12th grade student and i am looking for colleges, but it seems to be very difficult for me to get into it because of my sat/act scores kindly pray for me and all others who want to get into a good college. Anitta, US

My friend is paranoid and delusional. She is a trauma survivor and may be schizophrenic. She has been meddling with new age things, buddhism, the secret, and angel cards. She talks about magic and hexes. Please pray. DJ,
PDX area

I have US visa interview tommorrow. Plz pray that I get it. Sam, Chennai

My name is toms I love one girl..she loves me but now she is disturbed by something please heal our relationship amen. Tom, Bangalore

Please pray for my husband to get a good job according to his studies.He is a electronic & communication/Instrumental engineer. He is looking for a related job. Sincy, Bangalore

Please pray for my tsi exam on may 30 and also for my driver license on may 5. Anita Mathew, Missouri, TX

Praise God.. tomorrow onwards my CA Inter exams are going to start.The exam dates are May 3,5,7,9. Please do remember me in your prayers. Nigi Christo,

Respected Pastor, Kindly pray for my husband and his parents..He and his parents are demanding dowry and my husband left me and went..Now he is threatening that he will divorce me…Please pray for them to change their heart from lust of money and come back to me for the glory of God. Mary Susanna, Tamil Nadu

Respected pastor,
I am a chartered accountant student(CA). And also a God fearing person.
Before this exam i wrote 3 CA exams. But i failed in those exams. But i trust in God. I believe that my Jesus will do better for me. By tomorrow onwards my exam will begin.Gleetus John, Thodupuzha
Uncle, kindy please pray for my CA exam..

My brother in law is affected by Post Glyoma 4th grade.I have consulted with lots of Doctors and i am not getting any optimistic answers from them.So i request you to help me out in this situation which only the almighty can help.. Ebi Varghese, Ernakulam

Praise to god almighty who strengthens us. i want all of your prayers .i am going through a hard time in my studies.the exams are too hard. i want all of you prayers to get top marks in the school.and i also request all of you to pray for one of my friend who accepted jesus christ as her saviour recently. she is facing a lot of problems from her family. her parents being brahmins, seeing bible in the house , they tore it twice.i request you to keep her in your prayers. pray so that her parennts may come to faith. Jenita Vinoy , dubai

Please prayer for my son.he has some behavior problems Confidential

I am a pentecost and i got a proposal from a marthomite born again family.they still go to marthoma church.i was pleased and happy with the proposal but my parents are against them.i wish to marry that guy.please pray for me to let me know gods plan ..ita high time that i need an answer Christina, Kottayam

I have a problem for money. James, Kollam

lease pray for my mother who is undergoing a scan today.please pray for her. Liji, Ernakulam

i want to know the will of lord in my life Mekha Anna Abraham, Trivandrum

Please pray to get a job as a registered nurse with good salary. Shiju, New Zealand

Please pray for my mother and father who are diabetic and have many health issues related to diabetes and hypertension.please pray for their healing.please pray for them. Liji, Ernakulam

Please pray for my ielts results….. i believe God will do miracles for me…. pray for me Neha, Bangalroe

Praise the lord.greeting to you in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!I am in grade 12 and I am writing my board exam .please for me so that I could come out in flying colors and get an admission in a good university.praise the lord. Bindya, UAE

My name is Shylendran. Working as Safety Officer in Alain Hospital Abudhai.I am looking for a new job.present salary not enough to feed my family.I came from a Nair family.I took baptized on 22/7/2016 in Alain evangelic church.I am married. my wife name udaya.I have two daughters. Anakh and Arunima. Also i have vision for Jesus. i am writing and singing.May 2017 my first song will be release.sung by Emmanuel Hentry. Please for my Mother she is very weak and aged over. i like to baptize my all family. Shylendran, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Plz pray for me i looking for a job. Shinto, Trissur

Your_Name : Binu Bhaskar
Your_Email :
City : Dubai
State : Dubai
Country : UAE
Prayer_Request : Please pray for me as I have financial issues, I am going through very difficult situation in my life. Please pray for me to get relief from my financial issues.. Binu Bhaskar, Dubai

I qqm seeking a job to support my family and to retain my house Surekha, Bahrain

Please pray for me, my husband and 2 children for spiritual and financial growth.. PRINI K THOMAS, Trivandrum, Kerala

Please pray for my friends’s mom.She has a surgery today. Jesus is Alive

Dears in Christ Jesus, I would like to place a prayer request for my son Reuben Mathew Philip, who is going to grade 7 in April. please pray for an academic breakthrough for him. he gets anxious easily about the exams, need the blessing of holy spirit. Deepa, Dubai


Praise be to God almighty. I am looking for a job since four years. I want a job if its in Gods plan or I want God to reveal whats Gods plan for me without wasting the time and talents he has given me. We are married for 3 years and I am diagnosed with endometriosis recently. doctors has suggested to try for baby few more months if nothing happens I have to undergo an expensive surgery. Please pray Poornima, Bangalore

Hi, Please pray for my health. . Sometimes our work can get very stressful, and leads to health issues. From the last one week, I feel that I have some problem with my eyes. Both of our jobs(mine and husband’) are very important for us to survive here in Delhi. We have a child who is 7 years old. Please pray for my healing. Thank you Blessy, New Delhi

I request your prayer for my sister for getting a job in Kuwait, She is a nurse with 2 yrs experience,This job must need to us because of some money problem.So pray for us. Tincy, Pathanamthitta

Thank you lord for the life that you have given me . For my family, my friends, my relatives , my neighbors, my job, my health , my wealth , this world and everything in this that you have created forme . Thank you lord for the food in my table and the happiness in my heart .Forgive me O lord for not doing all the good things that I could have done in this life.Please give me strength to do the good things that I want to do in this life .With the knowledge that none of my needs or thoughts are hidden from you and that you know what is best for me and will provide me with the same , I pray to you my lord . Amen . John Prasad, Ernakulam

Kindly pray for my wife who is doing her studies in New Zealand , to get her Registration in time and for a good job there. Thank you. May God Bless you and your ministry. Reni George, Mumbai

Please pray for my mother ( Omana Lukose ) she has Metastatic breast cancer in last 9 years .. yet treatment is on going , and also pray to recover Financial issues. Manu, Kundara, Kerala

my name is tom and i have a friend name angel jenyfa she is suffering from cyst in her stomach and she is having lot of head problem like migraine and other issues ..she has faced a lot of problems in her childhood she is very much depressed in her life..she don’t know wot will happen to her future..her dad name is lourdnathan …he is addicted to tobacco and drinks .her childhood was very bad because of that she wants to suicide ….she is very good girl and very humble.she is not able to pray these days …pls god help her to pray a lot.i love her very much..Jesus help her to come out of all the issues in her life …pls cleanse her with your blood jesus…in jesus christ i place angel jenyfa…she suffering from stomach pain….please god take care of angel jenyfa ..pls prayer group pray for her…in the name of jesus christ i keep all her problems and issues …jesus take her cyst from her stomach…she is thinking she is going to die ..pls jesus hear my cry….protect her ……in the name of jesus christ AMEN. Tom, Bangalore

Hi, i am a student of class plus two.Now i am attending public examination.I request all who read this prayer request for getting good marks.And also for my entrance examinations and for my future . Thank you may God bless you
Blesson David, Pooppara, Kerala

Please pray for LIno and Annie for a job. They are struggling for past two years .
Thanks Preetha, Seatle, WA

We are married, one year and we don’t have a child…please pray for us. Linda, Coimbatore

Please pray for our firm’s huge financial crisis. To overcome this financial crisis we beg any help Sunitha Xavier, Edappally

I am Jocy from mumbai, plse pray for my spiritual life Jocy Joy, Mumbai

My name is John. i am looking for a job but because of my lack of experience i am not confident about getting a job.John Freddy, Thrissur

I am looking for a job. Please Pray for me to be filled with holy spirit and I want to worship in tongues. Please pray for me .Jims Chacko, Bangalore

My name is Jincy. i am looking 4 a job but bcoz of my lack of experienc i am not confident about getin a job. also my parents r gng thru a finacial crisis n as a daughtr i wud lyk 2 help dem financialy bt bcos i dont hav a job i cant help dem. i feel sad abt ds mater. pleas pray dat if it s Gods wil i get a job n dat my parents r able 2 com out of ds financial issues. Jincy, Pathanamthitta

As my self verghese koshy , working in Kuwait as safety officer and my son Joel is studying in class x .His final board exam is very near IE on 10/03/17.
1) pray for my good job with good salary than present in Kuwait.
2) pray for my son exam to score excellent marks as well as to give him good remembrance power,understanding the questions which ever asked in exam. Varghese Koshy, Adoor, Kerala

Praise the Lord. My name is Reenu Mathew. I worried about to get a good job. I request your pray for my job in Sharjah as I am staying in Sharjah. I have been looking a job since 2010 in engineering field. Pray for my kid Jonah & Husband. Also for my niece & nephew (kezia & Joshua) they are waiting for their ninth result. They are working hard but there result is not coming well. so we request your pray in their studies & future.Reenu, Sharjah, UAE

For my husband to get a good job .He is worried about our life.He is looking for a good position according to his qualification.He is suffering from long time..please pray for us. Rincy, Canada

Requesting all to please pray for my new company started recently. Biju, Cochin

My name is Anu. I am planning to write Australian Medical Exam soon, i failed in first attempt and am unemployed staying with my husband. My family is facing financial problems too. please for me to get through the exam and relieve us from all financial problems. Praise the Lord. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7 ). Thank you, God Bless you all. Anu Edwin, Queensland, Australia

Praise the name is Merlin James married recently and living in UK.. and Im.facing .difficulties in getting job..please pray for me to get suitable job by God grace.. thank you Merlin James, West Sussex, UK

I’m looking for Job in Dubai, would request everyone to please pray for me.Sybil Joji Samuel, Dubai, UAE

Please pray for my sister family Annie and Mathew, they both are engineer but struggling to find a job , Annie lost her job now in depression . please pray so that they both get job.Seattle, WA

Iam having an interview on 23rd. Please pray for me to get the job.Jayas, Thiruvalla

Plse pray for my cassin.he is 32 yr boy…he has spinal tuberculosis…..sadenly he is bed reden…now 1 yrs a go….nw littile improve but he cant doo eny thing…….plese pray for that boy .his name is gladson babu. Rency George, Mavelikara


Praise The Lord ….. Pray For Me And my Family We Need To Work More And More For God Work Pray For our Church And All Pray For My Dad mom And Elder Brother And My Wife , Me And My Wife Are Singing For God We Want To Do That Work With Full of Heart and Love Thank You God Pray For This World . Saju, Coimbatore

Plse pray for my cassin.he is 32 yr boy…he has spinal tuberculosis…..sadenly he is bed reden…now 1 yrs a go….nw littile improve but he cant doo eny thing…….plese pray for that boy .his name is gladson babu. Rincy George, Mavellikkara

I am having an interview on 23rd. Please pray for me to get the job.Jayas, Thiruvalla

I’m Ben, and I’m searching for a job. Been 3 years since I graduated. I need God’s guidance so that I gain a source of income. Many doors have been shut in my face. I feel like my faith is being tested. I humbly request you all to pray for me. Thank You, Ben, Adoor

Dear Team in Christ,
I request you to pray that Gods will be done in my life. I took a step in my life to stand for the work of thy kingdom. it was really difficult for me to make it as I had to sacrifice many things that i held close to my heart, including my education. Now I am working in a firm where i have no much command on, but i believe i am here for a purpose. I want you to pray that God give me strength to make through these hard times and I must be able to give a testimony on the ways god rose me. I also request you to pray that I get a prudent life partner who will help me grow in Christ Kiran, Kochi

ear beloved in Christ Jesus, i’m requesting you valuable prayers as i have started for my processing for Health care professional registration process to UK and i really want it to happen as i want to settle in my life as soon as possible and be a help back to my parents. God bless us all. Antony, Mangalore

praise the lord ,i have problem in my job from many months i did not get my salary ,currently looking for a new job please pray for me .please pray for my family members that they must to know the more about jesus that he is the only one mediator between God and Human . sheba .uae Sheeba, Abudhabi

Brothers and sisters, please pray for our son Ruben Cherian, who is in college suffering from low back pain since one yr. He had several treatments with pain medicine, massages, chiro and herbal therapies. The pain will subside for a little bit, and then it will come back like before. Now the doctor has ordered a CT scan of the lower back to see any other issues going on. The pain is hindering with his studies and daily activities. Kindly keep him in prayers and pray for his CT scan results to be normal. Even though he struggles with severe pain, he won’t let us know unless the pain becomes bad. It bothers him when he climbs stairs, carrying school bag, doing exercise, etc.We are worried about his studies and health. Ruben is our eldest child; we believe that prayers can heal him and help him to have a fruitful life with God. Thank you, Annie and Babu USA.Annie Cherian. Snellville, Georgia

We are in UAE. I find difficulty in praying with complete concentration. My Mind just wanders around not knowing what I am praying. Also please pray for my business, as I in a dilemma whether to continue with my business of not, as I find no profit in doing business now. Please pray for my Kids studies, and for blessing my wife in her job. God should provide every spiritual, physical, financial need of ours. At times I find difficulty in even paying my Kids fees, rent etc. Moreover we have planning to relocate to Canada. Request your prayers so that God will remove every hindrance and our immigration process will over at the earliest and will be blessed.
Shino & fly. UAE

Praise the Lord…Please pray for my pappa..He is addicted to alcoholic and suffering from Liver cirrhosis.. Please remember him in Prayers.. Thankyou.. Reena Johnson, Maharashtra

Please pray for Alan(My friend Sabu’s Son) is in ICU after he met with an accident in USA.They are the children of God. Titus Joh, Doha

Please pray for my husband to get H1B visa this year… please pray for my kids…. please pray for my family. Merin, Kottayam

Pray for me plz.. am having my 12th board exams from march 9 till April 5 . am soo tensed about my exam am not able to remember anything that am studied, am always failing to retain the things, pray for me. as well I want to score better, the best in this boards bcoz am having great plans for my future.THANK YOU. Jerry John, Mumbai

Please pray for my daughter sapna 30 years to get a family life .we are so worried her younger brother already married’ .requesting your valuable prayers.all the glory to god Maria Sam, Manchaster

Dear brother/sister I am Paul abishy im waiting for a miracle from god plz pray for my future plan… i dn have a hope on my life i want happiness in my life my lifeshould fulfill according to Gods will thank you…Paul Abishy, Vijayawada

Kindly pray for ministry in Dubai. John, Dubai

My name is Blesson George. I am facing family crisis . I need to come close to god . let him show his ways. myself and my wife are in final stage of divorce . last two years I waited for her . legally we separated . I have two kids . kids are with her. pray for her (sophiya) so that her heart turn and come back to me. also pray for me to jet good software job. I am a mca trying to learn and get good job. my age is 37. my mind is not somtime stable . lot of negativity in mind . somtime think destructive . I will be thankfull if u pray for me and family. Wife separated name Sophiya Daniel, Boy Samson Blesson, Girl child Jennifer blesson Blesson George

I am Femy .am suffereing from running nose and sneezing for about 3 to 4 months.i have consulted three doctors.the third doctor prescribed medicine for 1 month.but after that course of medicine, again the condition existed so am taking continuosly that medicine without the aknowledgement of doctor .plzz heal me jesus…….touch me jesus. Femy, Kollam

Dear pastor please pray for my flat cases; 1. flat association with me on feb 15th in sub court judicial 111 ekm. 2. contractor with me on feb 22nd in consumer court ekm both are cheating case please pray for meAnila Mariya, Sharjha

I want to thank God for all his blessings and needed a miracle for my son who has speech impediment and learning disability! Please pray for my precious son to lead a normal life and I know this will happen with your prayers! Please pray for my family! “For with GOD nothing shall be impossible ” Annie, USA

Please pray for me , my name is Tia and I am currently struggling with my last semester of senior year. I need him do a miracle and help me do well in my studies. Pray that I live a life where I trust on God more and let me more have faith in his doings. Not only that, I want to be baptized this year before I go to college. Please keep me in your prayers.Tia Varghese, Dallas, TX

My son is 4yrs and is diagnosed with autism ,please pray for him to be better in his life.And also for us that god will show us da correct way to bring him up and teach him to trust in God.Do pray for my daughter for her studies,mother in law for her health and for me and my husband.pray for our economical status and da treatment of our dear son. Jasmin Jacob, Surat, Gujarat

I wish to visit my aged parents living alone in India. My boss is very reluctant to approve vacation for any staff and so I am scared to ask her for leave. I pray she will be kind and approve my vacation when I ask her. Please pray for me. Anna, Texas

Praise the lord, Please for me that I may grow more spiritually, and also pray for my work as well. One of the major prayer request is, I have an elder who’s settled in Trivandrum. Its been almost 6 years after her marriage,no child. Your sincere for her to bear a beautiful child. Thanks Vidya Vijayan, Hosur, TN