We take great pride to introduce our wonderful team who work tirelessly to glorify our savior Jesus Christ name.

Interview by Br. Giji

IMG_0030¬†Br. Giji Chacko will be talking to different walks of people from Christian community to encourage our listeners in his radio show “Interview by Br.Giji” and Br.Giji Chacko lives in Gaithersburg, MD with his wife and two sons and works as a Data Analyst¬†

Dedicate a Song – Sis. Sherin & Br.Jemerson

Sis. Sherine & Br.Jermerson…

Prayer Time – Pr. Finney Varkey & Sis. Susan Varkey

Finney&SusanVarkeyPr. Finney Varkey & Sis. Susan…..